Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Recent Quote Collection

The setup: Elaine was sick and crying. Lucy in a massive burst of generosity offered her most precious possession.

Lucy: You can borrow Rabbie. Just don’t hold him by his arms. Or his legs. Or his ears. Or his neck. I discovered that when I was sucking my thumb that it would probably rip his head off.

The setup: Back in February when we were doing our note boxes, Lucy would ask me periodically throughout the day if I had left her a note. I reminded her that she should be leaving notes too for Elaine.

Lucy: I would, but she hasn't done anything kind.

The setup: In the car on the way back from the swimclub, the scene of many an argument.

Elaine (shrieking): Mommy! Lucy pulled my hair!

Me: Did you pull her hair, Lucy?

Lucy: No, I just jerked it nicely.

The setup: Lucy was discussing an incident that happened at school.

Lucy: I was sartistic to a boy at school. He showed me something, and I said, 'Great!' as in 'oh great, yeah, I really don't like that.'

Me: Well, being sarcastic is really not a nice way to be [as I preach to myself].

Lucy: But he's a BOY, Mom. He was showing us girls one of his robot toys. It's OK to be sartistic to boys about their old boy stuff.

The setup: This morning during devotions we learned (again) the verse about how children should obey their parents. We talked about how Jesus obeyed His parents even though He didn't have to. Then I asked them some questions.

Me: Lucy, why did Jesus obey His parents?

Lucy: Because it's right and to be an example to us.

Me: Elaine, why should we obey our parents?

Elaine: So we can get our dessert.


Melanie said...

Love these!

Kacie said...

I too LOVE your quotes from your girls. SO funny.

Ann-Marie said...

Man, I'm too sartistic, too! I loved the quotations - but maybe I'm just saying that to get dessert. :-) Priceless!

Juliet said...

I'm not above having dessert either. Way to go Elaine.