Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Conversation from the Bathroom This Morning

The girls and I were in the bathroom this morning, getting ready. I was doing their hair. Lucy had Prince Charming and Snow White Polly Pocket dolls with her.

"When I put this cloak on Snow White, you need to say 'Goodbye' to her, Mom," Lucy told me.

"Do I have to?" I asked.

"Yes. Now here's her cloak, so say 'Goodbye.'"

"Goodbye, Snow White," I told her.

Then she continued on in a high Snow White voice. "I am now the queen! I am the queen of all Polly Pocketland!" and she set her and the prince on the windowsill to reign over us.

Elaine walked over to the windowsill and looked Snow White straight in the eye.

"You are NOT the queen of ME!" she told her.

I foresee a lot of parent/teacher conferences in our future, don't you?


Alysa said...

oh, that is a little bit of hilarity on a cold Wednesday morning. You are NOT the queen of ME ... very funny little Elaine. I think she and Jackson are secretly related.

Melanie said...

That's awesome - I love hearing about these moments!

Ann-Marie said...

Sure, it'll take some time and tampering but that's the kind of attitude that gets things done! I'll bet Elaine does something fanatastic with that kind of conviction!

Juliet said...

We all need to start the day with some type of laughter. Your children sure help towards that goal.