Sunday, March 01, 2009

We're Officially on Spring Watch

When we left the house this morning it was 14 degrees out, but we are now on the lookout for signs of Spring. I asked, "What day is today?" and Lucy said, "Sunday!" "What else?" I asked. "March 1st!" she yelled.

"And what comes in March?" I quizzed.

"St. Patrick's Day! The Spring bunny comes to visit! And we welcome the robins back!"

Though it is bitterly cold and windy, it is still March, so we are hopeful. Then we talked about how it's necessary for March to come in like a lion so that it can go out like a lamb (we hope).

Then we had one of my favorite kind of Sunday afternoons--Darren took Elaine to the grocery store so I wouldn't have to go out anymore (isn't he the greatest?), while Lucy and I snuggled up with some tea and watched "Emma." Well, I actually fell asleep, and she watched.

When Elaine came back, we made some popcorn and she climbed up with us to watch "The Rescuers." That is truly one of the best Disney movies. I remember my Aunt Nancy taking me to the theater to see it. For months (years?) after that, I was Miss Bianca and she was Auntie Medusa. Now my girls love it and spend lots of time busily casting the roles from our own family. I still get the privilege of being Miss Bianca. Lucy is Penny (because she's missing her front teeth), and Elaine gets to be Teddy. They told Daddy he was going to be Mr. Snoops, but I rescued him and now he gets to be Bernard.

Another big excitement over the weekend--we had a group of people over for dinner on Friday night, and I made chocolate fondue. I let the girls have some for their dessert: we dipped strawberries, kiwi fruit, bananas, marshmallows, and pieces of pound cake. Lucy exclaimed, "Mom, this is the NICEST you've ever been to us!" Who knew? After all these years of mothering, I could have just given them a big vat of melted chocolate and they would have been happy.

And last but not least:

Of course I didn't get these from my (iron-hard, frozen) yard, but at least they are now available at the supermarket. One of the first signs of Spring!


picturingme said...

Cute new look! It sounds like the dinner party was a smashing success! Good for you!

Melanie said...

Ah, tulips! It's freezing here still too. Loved hearing about you and the girls looking forward to your great spring traditions. I personally can't wait until you welcome the robins back!

So glad to hear you all had a blast Friday night and then got rewarded with a cozy Sunday movie-a-thon. Perfect!

Miss Paula said...

I saw that Stepping Heavenward was your favorite book. It is one of mine too! I always gift this book to others!! Great choice!! Blessings on your day!

Ann-Marie said...

Chocolate fondue and flowers? Really what could be a better start to spring! And, of course, all our beautiful spring bunnies! Gotta love the bunnies. I'm in the mood for fondue!