Monday, May 02, 2011

Lucy and Mom Day

Earlier this year, both girls begged me for some personal "Mama Time" that they wouldn't have to share with their sister. They share a room and activities and lots of other things, so it's important to me that they get their own special time on their own with Mom and/or Dad.

However, work and the weather have been conspiring against us until this past weekend. I've been waiting a long time to take Lucy to this particular spot, and Saturday was the absolute perfect day to go to The Little Traveler in Geneva. Lucy had never been before and didn't know what to expect.

"I can't really describe it, but I promise you'll like it, " I told her.

We got there right about lunch time, so we headed to the Garden Cafe first.

As we got our Sierra Mists, Lucy lifted her glass, clinked it with mine, and said solemnly, "To Freedom!" (She kills me.)

The cute bathroom:

We visited almost all the rooms--candy shop, gourmet food shop, antiques, china/glassware, flower shop, the Christmas shop (a big hit especially with the many little villages there), the baby shop, stationery, jewelry, and hats.

We stopped at the toy shop twice and handled all the Madame Alexander dolls two or three times. There were Wizard of Oz dolls and Little Women dolls (complete with Amy's Paris wardrobe!), dolls from around the world, and, interestingly, Henry the VIII's wives dolls (with heads intact).

"Who's this one?" Lucy asked, picking up a black-haired doll with Renaissance-style jewelry.

"Lucretia Borgia," I read off the tag (I thought she was supposed to blond?). "She was a poisoner," I added.

"Like, she killed people with poison?" Lucy asked.

"Mmm-hmmm," I said.

She digested that historical tidbit for a moment. "Well, I really like her outfit," she said magnanimously.

We, of course, visited the tea shop, where we got an end-of-the-year gift for Lucy's teacher. They had a special Wedding blend (but it was decaffeinated aka pointless).

After we'd exhausted all the shops, we strolled around town, chatting, taking pictures, and enjoying one of the only nice days of spring we've had here in Illinois.

St Mark's...

Pretty houses and flowers...


This was Lucy's favorite because it was both yellow and had a balcony, her dream house:

I liked this one, and it was for sale! though sadly out of my price range (actually, it's lower than I thought it would be--hard economic times and all). (Also, I'm realizing as I add this picture that it looks a lot like the house we already have. No wonder I like it.)

After our walk, we stopped by A Moveable Feast for dessert and ate it outside on a bench in the sunshine.

We drove home, and Lucy borrowed my phone so she could call Elaine and tell her all about it.

"Didn't we have the best day, Mom?" she sighed when we got home.

Yes, we certainly did!

(Watch for "Elaine and Mom Day" coming soon!)


Melanie said...

Love it!

The Farmer's Wife said...

What a cool day! And girly to the max.

I like the slate green house with the front porch. I'm afraid of heights and balconies would make the bottoms of my feet sweat...(that's how you can tell I'm not a real princess...)

Do you have solid plans for the Elaine and Mom Day? And what about the Farmer's Wife and Mom Day?


Heather said...

so sweet! looks like you girls had a great time.