Wednesday, May 04, 2011

For Mother's Day 2011

(**All quotes taken from Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss.)

On the whole, there is nobody like one’s mother.

Other people will see your faults, but only your mother will have the courage to speak of them.

I do wonder if I shall ever really learn that Mother knows more than I do!

I realize that it is to her I owe that early, deep-seated longing to please the Lord Jesus, which I never remember as having a beginning or an ending, though it did have its fluctuations.

I don’t see how Mother can love me so, after the way I have behaved.

Dear Mother! She has gone now, where she always goes when she feels sad, straight to God. Of course she did not say so, but I know Mother.

Mother made no reply, except by a look which said about a hundred and forty different things.

I wonder if, after all, mothers are not the best friends there are!

Moral—Mothers occasionally know more than their daughters do.

I longed to have my children become old enough to fully appreciate her sanctified character.

I thought no human being was less selfish, more loving than she had been for many years, but the spirit that now took possession of her flowed into her heart and life directly from that great Heart of love, whose depths I had never even begun to sound.

It is a pleasant picture to see her with my little darlings about her, telling the old sweet story she told me so often and making God and Heaven and Christ such blissful realities.

The atmosphere in which we all lived was one which cannot be described; the love for all of us and for every living thing that flowed in Mother’s words and tones passed all knowledge.

My dear mother’s influence is always upon me. To her I owe the habit of flying to God in every emergency and of believing in prayer.

Surely the crown she has won by such a struggle must be brighter than the stars! And this crown she is, even now, while I sit here choked with tears, casting joyfully at the feet of her Savior!

My steadfast aim now is to follow in my mother’s footsteps; to imitate her cheerfulness, her benevolence, her bright inspiring ways, and never to rest till in place of my selfish nature I become as full of Christ’s love as she became.

I miss you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day! Heaven can't come soon enough now that you're there.


Alysa said...

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful mother. Can't help but cry.

Cindy said...


This is such a beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day!


Katie said...

Tears are all I have, Alice. What a beautiful tribute. Much love, for you and her, K

Cherie said...

Beautiful! The words & photos make me miss your mother all over again, and I can't help but wipe away the tears....and now, I miss my own mother again, too. Yes, Heaven does look brighter with both of them up there. So thankful we will be together again! Meanwhile, I press on toward the goal of being a Godly mother to my darlings.

Thank you for sharing!