Friday, April 01, 2011

The Results Are In!

I must say, I could do without another week like this one ever again. Sometime in the night on Sunday, I got sick. I taught my class on Monday morning, then came home and crawled back in bed, not to get out again until Wednesday night when I had promised to sub for a friend (both Wednesday AND Thursday nights).

I took my big jug of lemonade with me and took cautious sips the whole time. That and three Archway windmill cookies are what I've had to eat this week. "Mama threw up in the shower," Elaine helpfully reported to the rest of the family, so it's better this way. Right now I'm at the point where food seems like a nice concept that I'm sure I'll embrace again at some point in life, but...not today.

And in the midst of it all, Darren has been Mr. Mom (and doing a great job), and Lucy has been reading, reading, reading. This morning before school I tallied everything she'd done (and I know I've probably missed some things) over the last eight days, and here is the total:

2,009 pages!!

We are so proud of her. She did not win (humph!) individually in the second grade, but her class beat the other second grades out for the most pages read, so they do get either a pizza or ice cream party (see? That sounds kind of good...but not good enough to try it)--their choice.

Today was the big Read-a-thon assembly day where all the students and teachers dress up as book characters, and the prizes were awarded.

Here is our girl aka Nancy Drew. Now you know she did have absolutely the cutest costume:

Besides the magnifying glass (borrowed from my dad), she also had a small notebook marked "Clues," in which she wrote down what everyone else's costumes were so she could come home and tell me about it. She said that when the winning second grade was announced, her class screamed louder than any of the others in the school, their teacher included.

Lucy does get some other prizes, including a gift certificate to a mini-golf place and a free meal at Sonic, which...nope. Doesn't sound good yet.

So, that was Read-a-thon 2011, and she is already planning for reading domination next year, plus what costume she will wear.

Normally I'd have a celebration dinner for her, but...

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Melanie said...

Way to go, Lucy! That's an incredible amount of reading! Love the costume, too, tres chic!
Alice, hang in there! I hope you feel much better soon!