Saturday, February 05, 2011

I Can't Take It Anymore!

Back in late November, I changed my desktop wallpaper to a snowy picture of Salisbury Cathedral. It was so lovely and festive and in-the-bleak-midwinter with bare, black branches silouhetted against it. I am totally over it now.

Last night I started doing what I do every single beginning-of-February: started looking at gardening websites. Never mind that I am the worst, most inept gardener in the world. Every year, I promise that this is going to be my year.

I take comfort in my friend's mom--she has the most lovely garden imaginable with a gazebo, and she has her friends over and serves them tea and trifle there.

"That's my ambition," I tell my friend. "To serve tea and trifle in my garden gazebo."

And then she tells me that her mom's garden has only looked this way since she and her brother grew up--when they were kids, there was a mound of dirt in the backyard with a stick in it.

There is hope for me! I have several dreams, including the tea-and-trifle-in-the-gazebo. One is an English walled garden, a courtyard one, like they have at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. My other dream, since I've been a little girl, is having a Japanese garden, one that is almost fulfilled by living down the road from the third-highest rated Japanese garden in the country.

Someday, I vow, my yard will be more than weeds and dirt with sticks in it.

In the meantime, I changed my desktop to this:

Ahhhh. Much better. And here are some more for your viewing pleasure.

Sigh. Spring, come quickly! I think I'll go watch Enchanted April.


Melanie said...

Ah, I so enjoyed this post! I love the pictures and can't thank you enough for bringing some color and life and sunshine into another quilt-ladened Saturday.
And I have no doubt that you will achieve a fine garden and have just those sorts of tea parties - perhaps it'll even happen before the girls leave your nest!

Hither And Yawn said...

I love the wisteria vines. I think there's too much shade in the moley, weedy patch outside my kitchen window, by the ragged picket fence with rusty nails (a plug for vaccines if ever there was one!). Even so, I imagine a trellis in just this spot someday, with just so glorious a wisteria vine as you posted, sweetly trilling in the breeze while I sigh in remembrance of days of scraping dried mac-n-cheese from bright plastic dishes.

The Farmer's Wife said...

I like the second to the last picture!!!

I have to tell you, though....the carefully manicured trees set my teeth on edge. I'd be SO tempted to mess one of them a woman whose hair is just perfectly perfectly perfect. I always want to...well, first of all, touch it to see if it is real or plastic...then rumple it.

I'm SO ready for spring!!!

Cindy Swanson said...

Oh,I am SO with you! I even changed my desktop from an adorable picture of my grandson playing in the snow, to a tropical Caribbean beach. Spring can't come soon enough for me!