Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Little Change

ETA: WHOA. I just clicked on one of the blogger profiles (I'd just been deleting the comments from my email previously.) Yup, it's porn. Thanks but no thanks for visiting this family-friendly blog Chinese Jenna Jamison, buh-bye.

I've had to make a minor change to the commenting on this blog--I enabled that thingy where you have to type a string of letters before you can comment. I also enabled comment moderation on posts that are 5 days old or older. I actually hate the random letter feature and find it annoying, but lately I have been getting comments every day on this post. Thing is, they're all in Chinese (I'm assuming. Could be Japanese.) Now as much as I'd love to believe my blog is sweeping Asia, I'm guessing it's not.

Sorry about that. The girls and I watch Ni Hao, Kai Lan in hopes that we'll learn some Mandarin, but I haven't gotten much farther than "hello," "my name is" and "noodles" so it's not helping me figure out these comments.

Carry on (in English) as before.


Danny Lucas said...


This stuff tends to sneek in at blogs not monitored. You are wise to review and eliminate.

You also have spam.

I recently posted on Calvin Miller in your entry called "The Answers" of 11-19-09. It is the final (9th) comment, and I wanted your readers to see WHY I read Calvin Miller in any book he writes. After reading that comment, you will too.

In backtracking to that post, I found "Anonymous" knocking at your door and posting spam.
On 12/2/09, it is comment 6.
On 11/23/09, it is the only comment (#1).
Both Anonymous....a classic indicator of spam.

Your readers should be advised that clicking on any of the myriad links also may lead to malware being implanted into their computer via IPO backtrack (your computer's address).

Best bet?
Eliminate those comments, and add a blurb on using a name or psuedonym (though I am not fond of Pseudo, there are times when the Internet makes this a wise choice).
It is not a pretty story.

For a woman who keeps an immaculate home in every room, this cleanup here should be a breeze for you. Someday, I hope you post at least one picture of the laundry piled up, or a speck of dust on the table, so my guilt can diminish a tad. Track some mud in as I did today at home.
Even the sleeping girls are immaculate! :-D

Best regards,

Laura Brown said...

Ick. The same thing happened to a friend of mine a while back. He put some of the comments through an online translator, then wished he hadn't. I believe he finally had to close comments on the post the spammers were targeting (at least it was actually about China).

On another topic, Ni Hao, Kai Lan looks fantastic. Wish there'd been a programme like that when I was a kid!

Kacie said...

hah, funny! How much time do these people have and what do they get out of spamming? Weird. Ni Hao Kai Lan looks interesting to me - I wonder how much cultural or linguistic effect it has on kids?