Tuesday, December 01, 2009

We Went, We Saw, We Purchased

On this Tuesday morning, I am sitting here listening to soothing music while the girls are at school, just trying to catch my breath from the extended weekend. After our mad baking marathon on Wednesday night, we arrived at Chuck and Rome's on Saturday and of course proceeded to stuff ourselves, then fall asleep.

On Friday morning, my dad took all the guys out to breakfast. We ladies were all supposed to shop at fancy shops and eat lunch at a tea room. Now of course we love shopping at fancy shops and eating at tea rooms--it's our life's breath. However, something felt not quite right. We weren't getting enthused about shopping at fancy shops and eating in a tea room. And my mom didn't seem to be feeling up to it.

"Why don't I just stay home, and you three girls [Rome, my cousin Joy, and me] go?"

Of course we didn't want to do that either.

"I have a better idea," I said. "Why don't we hit St. Vincent DePaul resale and do real shopping?"

And the crowd went wild. My mom, Rome, and I live for bargain shopping. We love style but hate to pay for it. We love the hunt and the thrill of victory. Plus, there are always lots of couches where Mom can rest if she needs to. We didn't know about Joy, but she was along for the ride. We all piled in the car, Mom included, and headed out. All four of us were soon gleefully whipping through the racks. An hour later, we all left with full bags (even Joy) and headed back home to eat leftovers. A perfect day.

Behold, my glorious bargains:

One shirt, Ann Taylor, $3.99.

One shirt of unknown origin, $3.99:

One sweater, Express, $2.00:

One sweater, Ann Taylor, read it and weep, people, $0.99:

One top of unknown origin, $3.99:

Unpictured, one pair of adorable brown "cloppy" shoes that my daughters snatched up immediately upon arrival, $5.00.

And...the grand finale...one pair of jeans....originally marked at $3.99, but now with a half-price ticket, so $2.00:

Wait, do you see the label on these jeans?

If you are ignorant of 7 for All Mankind jeans, here is what this pair retails for. Yes, you read it correctly. And I got them for $2.00. (On an even more shallow note if there could possibly be one, I want that stomach for Christmas.) Now, I don't sit in judgment on anyone who pays full price for their clothes, even if you pay that kind of money for your jeans, which by the way are amazing and fit better than any other pair I own. However, I have a pre-schooler. One who has been known to blow her nose on my pants. I can't imagine having to worry about someone possibly blowing their nose on my $155.00 jeans.

Oh, St. Vincent DePaul, how I love you. First, for being my alma mater. Now for these incredible bargains. In fact, I might love you more for the bargains than for being my alma mater. That actually cost me a lot more. But I will be back. Soon and often.

OK, on to the next. Friday afternoon we left the girls with my family and headed back because we were invited out to dinner with friends, where we again stuffed ourselves, then came home and fell asleep.

Saturday we went back to the suburbs because Rome and Chuck had gotten us theater tickets to see Sleeping Beauty as a pre-Christmas present. It was a Noble Fool production at Pheasant Run Theatre in St. Charles. Those kids did a great job, and we will certainly come back again. Elaine decided that she would like to be a fairy on the stage, too.

When we got back Saturday afternoon, Darren and the girls headed out for their annual Christmas tree-buying excursion.

A little too small...

This one is just right...

When they got home, they discovered that their best friends, Andrew and Isabella, were here. Lucho was at a medical conference, and Sarah was staying with her sister in the hospital who was having a baby.

They spent the night and most of Sunday with us, and I got the unparalleled experience of getting four kids ready in the morning. All those kids are great, but it's double what I'm used to. Whoa.

So now you know why I'm sitting here listening to soft Christmas music and drinking tea. But my heart is racing because I just found out that I'll be doing a feature article on Beth Moore and her new book So Long, Insecurity: You've Been a Bad Friend to Us for the Jan/Feb issue of the magazine. Not to mention, I've got loads to blog about this week, including our family wishlist and our favorite holiday music, because you know you're interested.

Stay tuned.


Juliet said...

Oh what FUN!! Over eating etc...ha, ha! And what great bargains. You also need to talk to Ann-Marie and her recent finds.

Glad you are enjoying some quiet time. Always help to get ready for the next adventure.

Cindy said...

I can't wait to read your article on Beth Moore. I'm excited for you. Let me know how it went.


Kacie said...

That's where I spent my birthday money - at a thrift store! I love new clothes so that's what gets me by - every six months or so I hit a thrift store and buy a few new shirts to make me feel new - and give away a few old ones.

Melanie said...

Love those deals you got, lady! Glad to hear you had such a good day!