Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Contribution

Tomorrow we will be heading to the suburbs to spend Thanksgiving with my brother, his wife, my cousin and her husband, and my parents. My dad is the master of the turkey, so he'll be doing that. My sis-in-law will be doing most of the rest, my mom is bringing the pies, and we got assigned the sweet potatoes.

The girls and I decided to make Pioneer Woman's sweet potato casserole. If you haven't visited her site or made any of her recipes, you are missing out. My favorites are her crash hot potatoes and her orange mini-muffins. But everything she makes looks good. AND she has a new cookbook out, which my friend Toby went to her book-signing in Chicago last week and brought me back a Pioneer Woman t-shirt. How cool is that? Thanks, Tob!

Here are my babies and their sweet potatoes. "Do we like sweet potatoes?" they asked. "They smell kind of yucky, Mom."

Then we added the sugar, milk, vanilla, and eggs and smoothed everything out in the baking dish. I'm not sure why a raincoat is necessary attire for this step, but apparently it is.

They ran off with Daddy to go over to baby Derek's house, so I finished with the brown sugar, butter, pecan topping. I took a picture of the finished product (well, pre-baking...we'll do that part tomorrow), but honestly it did look kind of yucky. I'm assuming it'll taste great though because how can you go wrong with those ingredients?

Then I made banana nut bread and pumpkin scones since we'll be staying overnight, and I thought we should bring some breakfast goods. Our house smells pret-ty good right now if I do say so.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you!


Mae said...

I loved the pictures of your sweet girls. What fun memories they will have of cooking together. Have a great Thanksgiving Day.

Juliet said...

Well since you will be in the suburbs...does that mean you will do any Christmas shopping the next day????

Have a great Happy Thanksgiving with all your family.

The girls looked like they had fun doing the sweet potatoes dish!

frustration saturation said...

I think that the raincoat is compleatly appropriate attire. She was prepared in case the sweet potatoes spattered on her. I secretly fear that, myself! ;)

Carol B.