Thursday, August 06, 2009

More Door County

On Day 2, we went to one of our favorite spots, Hands-On Art in Fish Creek. There are so many projects you can do, plus there are plenty of farm animals outdoors to pet and feed.

Cats are constantly wandering around. I think this is Elaine's idea of paradise--painting and petting cats.

Lucy and I painted a fairy box, and Darren and Elaine painted a mermaid box.

Each morning, Darren also had to work. The house where we were staying didn't have wireless, so he went to the Sister Bay Library. For a tiny town--really, for any town--this is a great library. Some of the mornings he took the girls with him so I got some free time.

They have a puppet theater where you can create your own shows.

There is a story hour at least once a week. I love this picture. Note the look of disdain that little girl is giving Elaine, who is rolling around and not listening. We feel your pain, sister. Welcome to our world.

Outdoors there were donkeys to be fed (donkeys at the library! How random! But who could ask for anything more? It's kid nirvana.)

One day we simply had to eat lunch at Darren's favorite restaurant, The Cookery. It's a Door County institution. A little over a year ago, it burned down, but they've rebuilt and it's better than ever. They just reopened in July. The one criticism I have is that they built one-person bathrooms. So yes, the girls and I stood in a long line to get to the restroom, while the men just zipped in and out of theirs. We'll never rule the world, girls, until we get this basic problem fixed.

Here's the rebuilt Cookery...I wish I had a before picture so you could really see the transformation. (Juliet, you'll be able to appreciate this!)

Another place we simply have to eat (because one of the main parts of the fun in Door County is eating) is PC Junction (or PJ Junction as Elaine calls it) in Fish Creek. This is where you sit around the bar, and a train delivers your food to you.

Another place we never skip visiting is Seaquist Orchard in Sister Bay. First you have to visit the indoor farm market where there are samples of almost everything to try. I never leave without buying several jars of their cherry pie filling, which is the best you've ever put in your mouth. You can just eat it out of the jar and be happy. The orchard also has an outdoor maze and playground. In the fall, they have an indoor hay bale maze, which is cool too.

Here are the girls on the playground--you can see some remnants of cherry jam on Elaine's face from all the sampling...

Darren also watched them harvesting the cherries--normally we're up there in the spring or fall so we'd never seen this before...

A trip to Door County is never complete until you've been to Peninsula State Park--numerous times, actually. It's one of the most peaceful, beautiful spots created.

Here we are together in the woods...

Goofing around with my girls...

...and my favorite picture of the trip. This pretty much sums it up.

We also climbed to the top of Eagle Tower in the park, which I loved to do when I was little too. When you get to the top you can see out all over the bay, plus where everyone has scratched and graffiti'd in their names and the date. I told Lucy to look for mine and Tio's names and a date from the 1970s--but we didn't find it. Darren took Elaine up with him, then took a picture of them at the very top, with Elaine perched on his shoulder. I title that one "Heart Failure," but I can't find where it is right now, so you'll just have to imagine.

So, that was our trip, and nobody wanted to come home, which is always a good sign. We've already got times reserved for October, next July, and October 2010, so there will be plenty of more happy memories made!


Juliet said...

I'm so glad that The Cookery is finally opened! Whenever I read about DC, I just want to get in the car and head up there.

This month the sisters, some neices are going to stay up at Charlene. It's an all girl event!!!

The weather must have been great! And as always, the time goes way too fast. But I can tell that everyone has a great time. Love all the photos, but especially the one with Lucy and Elaine holding hands.

Ann-Marie said...

Wow, you really packed a lot in on your vacation - NICE!

P.S. - Mom didn't invite me her upcoming trip - something about me having a newborn or some such nonsense like that..