Friday, August 07, 2009

I think I may be a compulsive gambler

Right now, here's what I have going on: I am feverishly preparing all my materials for my very first assessment workshop, which my friend Jennie and I will be teaching next week (more on that later). I am also helping finalize the Sept/Oct issue of the magazine. I am taking on editorial jobs from my former company. I am working through the Mt. Everest of laundry that always accompanies a return from vacation. My house will be getting a thorough cleaning today.

Yet ebay has hooked me in again. I have long periods of time when I don't even think about ebay. Then I get on some jag for Japanese dolls or collectible Estee Lauder perfume compacts, or Lego Narnia castles, and it's all over. I've got so many items I'm watching (I'm a wait-til-the-last-minute bidder), and then I'm constantly checking to see how much time is left or if I've won.
What am I obsessed with now, do you ask? Cat clothes, if you must know. Not clothes for cats (I'm not quite there yet), clothes for a certain 3 1/2-year-old girl that have cats on them. Remember the catty shirt she wanted to wear every single day last winter? I tried to beat her at that game this summer by having three cat t-shirts she could rotate. But fall is coming, and she's grown like you can't believe. Maybe if everything she owns has a cat on it, there will be no weeping meltdowns in the mornings. At least about clothing.

Enter ebay. Now, all mothers know that Gymboree makes the cutest kid clothes on the planet, yet they're ridiculously expensive. And if you're not that familiar with them, they have various theme lines that debut each season (have I lost all the men readers so far? thought so) ANYWAY, I decided to type "Gymboree kitty" and search it on ebay. And oh, what a treasure trove I found. First, there's the Classroom Kitty line. Then there's Glamour Kitty line. And the coup de grace, the rare Bon Voyage Paris Kitty line.

This is what I won last night (from the Glamour Kitty line):

So while I'm sitting up late at night writing magazine articles and volleying ideas back and forth with Jennie about the workshop, I am also trolling for more cat clothes. I now need some sort of witty closing line for this blog post, but an auction for a red kitty shirt from the Classroom Kitty line is ending soon, so I just don't have the time.


Melanie said...

Congrats on the win! Elaine will surely love her new kitty clothes! I've been stuck like glue to the computer too doing my own version of virtual shopping. On the hunt for a crib that meets Scott's requirements. And, I bought these today! (I used a promo code and bought some other things as well but these are by far my fav. - remind me of a parasol)

Alice said...

Melanie--love, love the curtains. Anything with ruffles and cats to keep our girls happy, right?

Kacie said...

love ebay, and I too cycle in and out of it. By the way, my post about pcms was started AGES ago, inspired by your post about working in Cabrini. I only got around to finishing it last week.

Ann-Marie said...

Oh my, those cat clothes are adorable! Why didn't they have those back then! I love 'em! Elaine is so totally going to be stylin'.