Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When Pre-Schoolers Dress Themselves, Part Deux

Here is today's ensemble. Note the recycling of the day before's pants, seeing as I made her change them yesterday to go to the swimclub. She's particularly partial to those. Also, cloppy shoes? Check. I like the nice addition of the robe (her "robey") for an extra little Hugh Hefner touch.

I will say this for her--she's essentially in the same color palette for this outfit.


Melanie said...

She is soo going to love these pics when she's older! :)I love that she's got her own sense of style. Cole seems to always pick out button down shirts when he decides to select his own clothes - but then pairs them with soccer pants!

Ann-Marie said...

At least...she's not wearing flip-flops yet! :-) She's a cutie in anything!

Juliet said...

Before I even saw or read your last paragraph, I realized that she did have some color coordination going on.

Can't help but love her style. Wonder what she will put together when she is a teenager? That's something to keep you awake at night! LOL