Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Pre-Schoolers Dress Themselves

This morning I laid out for Elaine a white t-shirt with a yellow flower on it and matching jeans (also with a yellow flower). She wore this outfit all morning, which is progress. Usually she accidentally on purpose spills something on what I have picked out for her in order to change her clothes to what she really wants to wear. But today she was longsuffering. She made it all the way until after lunch and returning from the library.

She promptly went upstairs, went to the bathroom, and changed into this (note the ubiquitous shirt):

Also, note the shoes...her new favorites aka "my cloppy sandals" regardless of the fact that it is 42 degrees and windy here.

And just to update--here is the new haircut after I actually styled it, less Dutch boy, more pixie.

In case you're wondering, I picked out that dress.

And then she spilled grape juice on it.


Mae said...

With Elaine changing her clothes a lot reminds me of how often Maddie changes hers. Is there something going around?

Melanie said...

Ha! I love that mischievious little grin Elaine has - she's too funny!

Juliet said...

You just got to love her!!!

picturingme said...

She's a clever one! Did you get the grape juice out?!

Ann-Marie said...

What a cutie - that hair is looking SO cute.

P.S. - I love the cat shirt, too, Elaine!

Jill said...

Love the "cat" shirt :)