Monday, April 06, 2009

It's the First Official Day of Spring Break, and We Have Some Randomness

Yes, it's Spring Break here. We've got an agenda for this week. We started spring cleaning on Saturday. "I like spring cleaning better than regular cleaning," Lucy said. We're scheduling playdates. We're having our Seder on Thursday. And it's time for haircuts. Lucy got her hair cut at Valentine's Day, but Elaine hasn't had any help other than me trimming her bangs, since Christmas. And the girl needs help. Bad. My three-year-old needs a makeover.

"What is UP with her hair?" asks Darren.

We don't know, we just don't know. "She looks like a lion," he added. "Or a dandelion," I amended. I had this strategy that we should just her hair grow. She really hasn't had any length cut since about last May. This is clearly a plan that is not working. So we're going to see what magic Ms. Robin can work on her hair.

Here she is (don't worry, I still think she is adorable):

Here is a front view (ignore that pink frosting on her chin. She had a doughnut for breakfast. YES, they ate doughnuts. My father-in-law is here, painting our basement. He brought them. I was going to make them oatmeal for breakfast. My kids like my father-in-law.)

So, in keeping with the journalistic quality you've come to know and love at this blog, I'll have during and after pictures of the hair transformation as well.

Here is a sharp change of subject, but I must share something I am thrilled about. A couple months ago, a friend of ours from India sent us a package of gifts. In it was a large package of Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea--sixty teabags. That tea was phenomenal. I had no self-control. I did not try and eak it out to make it last. I drank and drank of that tea. Then I checked on the Internet to see if I could buy the tea here. Why yes, yes I could. For THIRTY dollars. Are the teabags gold-encrusted?! And that didn't even include shipping. What was I to do?

And then I happened down the international aisle of our local grocery store. They have a pitiful, almost non-existent selection of Indian things. However, they do have some British things, such as Bird's tinned custard and......THIS!

Ahhhhh. It's not quite Taj Mahal, but it's hitting the spot nonetheless. And now, back to regularly scheduled programming, since most people could not care less about tea, let alone what brand I drink.

This is how the girls spent their first night of Spring Break. Darren and I came up to check on them and discovered them thus:

That's their version of a sleepover. It doesn't count that they already sleep in the same room.

And the quote of the week so far is from Lucy: "Mom, why is it that women are always the servants?"


Kacie said...

hey, my husband grew up in england and is passionately defensive of PG Tips. :)

Melanie said...

I am loving those pics of Elaine and taht last one of them sleeping - too adorable! My ovaries hurt just looking at them!I am going to have to track down some of the PG Tips tea. Looks soo good! I've been drinking chamomile and I'm soo tired of chamomile at this point but my usual white tea and green tea fare are on the no no list for the next few months. :)
Happy Spring Break!

Juliet said...

I my friend love tea!! I'm partial to just plain old Lipton Tea for breakfast. My favorite tea is The Republic of Tea. They have natural unbleache tea bags. Love the Pomegranate Green Tea made by them.

The girls seem to be enjoying their Spring Break. Thanks once again for the photos.

Mae said...

There are a lot of English here in Ontario. They do love their tea and it needs to be done "just so".

Myself, I prefer the cool, refreshing taste of Diet Coke. Did you know that it is kosher?

I love all the comments that Elaine and Lucy make.

Alice said...

Diet Coke is kosher?! Then, we'll be having it on Thursday!

Ann-Marie said...

Why ARE women always the servants? I've often wondered that myself! I love Elaine's hair - she's like a woodland fairy sprite - just add wings...