Thursday, April 02, 2009

And then...some other stuff

It's been a week since the dreaded stitches incident, and yesterday was the day Lucy was to get them removed. I had taken her to the doctor on Saturday because he wanted to look at them and see they were not infected. She started to freak out as soon as I told her, but after all he did was brush back her bangs and say, "She looks good. Come back on Wednesday to have them taken out," she believed me that it was no big deal. As we came home she said, "You know, that really didn't cause me much distress."

However, as the stitches-removal loomed closer yesterday, she got concerned again. I told her an almost-lie--that getting stitches removed doesn't hurt at all. When I got mine removed, it hurt like a, well, it hurt a lot if you know what I mean and I think that you do. But there was no way I was going to let her know that. I put several bribes on the table in exchange for calm behavior. The whole thing took about 60 seconds, she cried a little bit and said, "Ow, ow, ow!" but overall, she did a great job and got the marshmallow Easter egg and a trip to Walgreens to buy her own pack of gum as promised.

"It really DID hurt, though," she assured me.

Elaine got to come along for the gum too. On the way home I said, "What will happen if I find chewed gum on my furniture or the rug?"

"It's OVER," Lucy said promptly. "The gum belongs to Mom then." Can you tell this kid has been hanging around me for the past almost-six years?

Here is the brave girl sans stitches:

And a closeup...

As for Elaine, here were her yesterday morning activities. Simply the morning, we haven't even covered the afternoon. Remember the soapdish? My favorite, precious, darling soapdish?

Apparently, it rained, thanks to Elaine. And now it looks more like this. Soap and water: good for washing, not good for decoration. Unfortunately, I was just at the shop that sold the dish and eggs and didn't bother to pick up any more.

After she finished watering the soap eggs, she opened a new box of Glad sandwich bags (300 count, natch) and removed them all.

Then she found a glue stick and decorated the patio door.

Is there someone who can explain the 3-year-old psyche to me? I'm at a loss.

The girls spent the rest of the day getting into their gum packs and trading pieces. Fortunately, I haven't found any chewed gum anywhere. Yet.

When I do, it will definitely cause me much distress.


Ann-Marie said...

Way to hang in there, Lucy! Please pass on my congrats on all the bravery!Oh, and if someone explains the 3 year-old psyche, write it down and save it for me. I'm sure I'll be asking these questions in a couple years.

P.S. - I really love your soap dish. It's SO what I would buy.

Becky said...

Well...we'll just have to go to Geneva if I'm able to come in May. I cannot let you go without soap eggs. Mine are resting peacefully in my new master bath, but they don't match at all. Maybe I'll strip that wallpaper one of these days, but, groan.

Juliet said...

I did get to see Lucy's stitches on Sunday. So glad she was brave when she had them removed.

My, My, Elaine should have a kids' sitcom!!! Of her own, she doesn't need a script.

Jill said...

That must be a popular spot on the face for stitches b/c Mary also had stitches there, and Katie had the "glue" thing there....glad the stitches are out!!! sorry about the soap eggs!

Kacie said...

Thanks for the comments, Alice. I have loved your writing, and what you've been going through with your precious mom really relates to what is on my heart as I wrestle with my faith, and that is what you've seen come out in my blog. By the way, your last soap-dish post with the suspended doll in the cup of water made me laugh out loud, and I read it to my hubby. :)