Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Stupid Groundhog

As we all know, groundhogs everywhere saw their shadow yesterday. Not that it makes a particle of difference--particularly where we live--since I've seen it snow heavily on Tax Day and have even seen flakes as late as mid-May.

There's something about February that really sets in the winter blues though, and it's when I really have to start digging around in my super-secret mom's bag of tricks. Now, I'm a firm believer in letting kids use their imagination and entertaining themselves. I am not their 24-hour clown. But realistically, they are still 5 and 3 and need a little help from time to time with activities on these long, cold days.

Yesterday I found in my freezer a tube of gingerbread dough left over from Christmas. The date stamp on it said use by Feb 09 and we have heart cookie cutters, so voila! Ready-made afternoon activity.

Lucy and Elaine each got a portion of dough, their own cookie sheet, and heart cookie cutter. Copious amounts of dough also disappeared into their mouths. And yes, I neglected to have Lucy change out of her uniform before baking. We like to live on the edge like that.

After the cookies baked, I frosted them and the girls sprinkled sugar on them. Again, copious amounts of sugar went into their mouths as well. And "sprinkled" might be too refined a term. "Dumped" is a little more accurate for Lucy, and "Stood on a chair and threw handfuls into the stratosphere" is a little more accurate for Elaine.

But...here is our finished project. Very cheery. (Also, shout-out to Jennie; this is still my favorite tray!)

Of course we each enjoyed the fruit of our labour.

Only six weeks (supposedly) of winter days left!


Juliet said...

Did you save one for me?

Alice said...

We have a tupperware full of them. I'm not completely sure you want one though. Remember there was a lot of tasting of things going on. At one point, I caught Elaine licking the counter.

Jill said...

We baked cookies yesterday too -- anything to cheer us up I tell you. I definitely have been feeling the February blah's myself!We can hope that winter is gone in 6 weeks, but I'm not holding my breath. It's only 15 degrees here today!

Ann-Marie said...

Mmmm...this made the baby and me want cookies real bad! :-)