Monday, February 02, 2009

Come; help me to figure this out.

When I walk into our powder room, this is the sight that normally greets me. Please make a special note of my birdbath soapdish with egg-shaped soaps that I have had for going on a year now and have successfully deterred anyone--from my soap-happy children to many assorted guests--from using, simply by the powers of my mind.

(Actually, that statement is not completely true: it's only the guests on whom I have used this mental force because it would feel too rude to tell people to open up their eyes and use the prominent container of hand soap to their left rather than ruining the visual effect of my darling little pink bird eggs. My family? I tell them straight up, touch my soap and prepare for the consequences. And let's not even get started on decorative towels or "stunt towels" as they are known at our house.)

Anyway, here it is:

However, the other day I walked into the powder room, expecting the usual, and this is what I saw.

It's been awhile since someone has popped up unexpectedly, so it was startling. And...look closely.

The doll is suspended in a glass of water. Is she supposed to be a new decorative element? Is she swimming? Is she bathing? Is she being tortured? (Her hair might indicate the latter.)

And then shortly after...she was mysteriously gone.

Any ideas?


Melanie said...

I have no idea - I think she was having a pedicure treatment - the foot/leg soak. In any case, it was such a happy little doll in such a happy little cup.

Jill said...

Maybe she was just lonely and wanted to hang out in the bathroom (which in most houses is usually a busy room.) Perhaps she is a mermaid doll so she needed to be in the water (maybe she flew up out of the drain or something!) Too funny!