Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!!

If you read this this morning, please pray for our friends Brian and Warrie Blackburn. They are missionaries with Mercy Ships (a phenomenal organization--they travel by ship around the coast of Africa spreading the Good News and providing free surgery and other medical care). Brian and Warrie spent many years on the ship Anastasis and have just come back to the U.S. to work in the home office in Texas.

As long as we've known them (almost 10 years) they have struggled with infertility. A few months ago, they were connected with a young woman who was pregnant and wanted Brian and Warrie to adopt her twin girls!! when they were born. The twins were born healthy and beautiful, but no one is sure who the biological father is. One potential father wants his right to the children, but one potential father does not. Paternity tests have been done, and the results are supposed to come back at NOON TODAY. If the man who does not want the babies is determined to be the father, Brian and Warrie will get the girls.

Of course, I'm praying so hard that they'll get them, but please also pray for peace for Brian and Warrie as they wait and grace for them no matter what God has in store.

Thank you! Oh, and you can check their site out here--on the lefthand side are updates about the adoption process, but I'll also try and post anything I hear...

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Juliet said...

Our Prayers our with them.