Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Recent Quote Collection

The setup: Praying before breakfast

Me: Whose turn is it to pray first?

Both: Me, me!

Me: I heard Elaine's voice first. OK, Elaine, you pray.

Elaine: Dear Jesus...Lucy, don't eat your stuff.

Lucy: I'm not eating anything!

Elaine: Dear Jesus...Lucy's eating yogurt, Mom.

Lucy: Mom, I promise, I'm not.

Me: Elaine, just go ahead and pray.

Elaine: Dear Jesus, thank you for my stuff. Thank you for my yogurt. Amen.

The setup: Getting Lucy all dressed up for a party. When she's all done, I like to say, "Ohhhh! You look so lovely!"

Lucy: Mom, when I'm all done, could you please not gasp? I like when you say I look nice, but I don't like the part where you gasp. It really concerns me when you do that.

The setup: The breakfast table. Elaine is a grouch, as she usually is on Tuesday mornings.

Elaine: Want more. (She says "want" like "mont." Now Darren and I do it all the time too.)

(ignoring silence from the rest of us)

Elaine: More. More cereal. This (pointing at box of cereal).

My mom: You need to put a little pizzazz and manners into that request, Lady Jane. (I love my mom.)

Elaine: Mont more! (That wasn't really the pizzazz we were looking for.)

My mom: How about "More honey Chex, please?"

Elaine: (stony silence)

My mom: I think you can do it! I think you can say, "More honey Chex, please!"

Elaine (continued stony silence)

My mom: Can you say just one word--'please'?

Elaine (in soft little voice): Just one word, please.


Alysa said...

HONESTLY, you have got to write a book - your little family is a HOOT - i love, love, love the story of Lucy not wanting you to gasp ... oh goodness - very cute!

Ann-Marie said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Too funny! Better keep Luce away from Mrs. Heilman as my mom is all about the gasping (or maybe that's just me reliving my driver permit trips with her).

Do you really say, "Mont more?" Have you slipped before and done it in grown-up conversation? Like when you say "I love you" to your boss at the end of a phone conversation?

Mae said...

I also love the gasp comment. I'll be sharing that with my friends.