Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's

This is the first year we've really been all over the April Fool's thing. This morning Lucy told my mom there was a big scary monkey in the dining room. She told Darren that there was a wild turkey out in the front yard. She told me there was peanut butter and honey all over the kitchen floor (and this is an April Fool's...how?)

I tried to get her to play a (nice) trick on Mrs. Hogan, but she told me, "I don't think I should do that. That would be disrespectful to my teacher." I guess I'll just have to wait until Elaine gets to pre-school. I know she'd be up for it. I'm guessing there'd be Palmolive involved too.

For supper, we got to eat ice cream first and drank milk that apparently came from a blue cow. Then there were green caterpillars to eat as well.

(Please ignore the disaster on the counter behind her.)

(A caterpillar with a bite out of it...)

Darren wanted to call his parents and have the girls play a trick on them. He was standing in the kitchen, deciding what they should say. The first suggestion was that we're moving away. Then he said, "I know what they can say--'We're having a little brother!'"

Me: "Don't. even. go. there."


Ann-Marie said...

Seriously? You call that a mess?! Man, oh, man I am not going to post photos of our house. Never. Not now. Whew - scary - I'll show you a mess! :-)

I was going to call Mom and tell her I was pregnant, but I was afraid she would have called our entire family before I said "April Fool's!"

Love the caterpillar!

Alysa said...

were the caterpillars enchiladas? - you are one creative mommy - pat yourself on the back for this ... i, on the other hand, didn't even remember that it was April Fool's - so, there ya have it!

Alice said...

Nothing as ambitious as enchiladas! Just crescent rolls wrapped around cheese and bacon, with a green egg wash on top... There's always next year for April Fool's!