Friday, March 14, 2008

A Little Wrap-Up

Just a few random thoughts for Friday. I filled up my car with gas and saw that the person before me had put $82.00 in the tank. Yikes. That is a lot of tubes of lipstick, even MAC lipstick, which I used to buy by the bagful (B.C., of course). (And yes, it's usual that I think of sums of money in terms of how much lipstick it could buy.)

I kept seeing this news headline this week, "Salvia is the new marijuana" only I kept reading it as "Saliva is the new marijuana" so I've been pondering the implications of that all week. I finally read it right, so now we can all rest easy because that was concerning me.

Yesterday the girls and I (after making the robin treats) got out photo albums from when they were both born. They love doing that. We got out Lucy's first, and when Elaine saw Lucy as an infant, she made that same noise that everyone makes when they see a baby, "Awwwww!"

Speaking of babies, tomorrow I'm going to a baby shower for a friend. It's her first baby. Each baby is so wonderful, but there is something undeniably exciting and unique about your first. I realized too that almost exactly five years ago, I was having a shower. Here's me at my shower (and Lucy!) (Pardon the extra big rim around the picture; don't know how to fix that.)

I asked Darren to scan the picture for me, and he did and emailed it to me. He asked me, "Did you get the picture I emailed you?" I hadn't yet, but when I got it later, I saw why he was asking. He named the file "Big Mama." Isn't that sweet? But then, this is the same man who, also when I was pregnant, would bump me out of the way in front of the bathroom mirror and say, "Move over, Bacon, there's something leaner."

Happy weekend!


Ann-Marie said...

I read saliva, too! I'll bet a lot of people do - now I'm going to have to google salvia!

I hope you enjoy the shower...and you don't even look preggers in the photo! My mom was a lot like that when she was pregnant (I'm judging from photos, as I was the bun in the oven at that time!).

P.S. - I used to compare everything to how may semesters of college it would buy. Now, I measure by our mortgage payments! I'd love an $82 mortgage payment! :-)

Juliet said...

You look great...very happy! And we all enjoy Lucy! She is such a refreshing child.

Alysa said...

and i measure everything by how many McDonald's Diet Cokes I can purchase!!