Thursday, March 13, 2008

And Behold, It Happened!

When I mentioned the first robin of spring yesterday, I had no idea those were prophetic words. But on the way to school, I slammed on the brakes because lo and behold, bouncing along merrily in someone's ugly, dormant, brown yard was our first robin! We were all very excited. And it wasn't a fluke, because we saw another one in our own ugly, dormant, brown yard today.

So of course we had to make our famous robin treats and have our annual Welcome The Robins party.

The Treats

The Celebrants

Spring is coming! Welcome, robins!


Melanie said...

Hooray the robins have arrived! I've been so looking forward to hearing that your annual celebration has taken place and now there's even photos to boot! Yay! You're so good at traditions - you must take this knack and share it with the rest of us.

Alice said...

Thank you! It's really just any excuse to bust out the chocolate and peanut M&Ms and call it "family time." :-) You can tell I have willing participants though!

Alysa said...

SEE - this is why i love you - i wanna start this tradition immediately - what's the recipe - no robins yet in our 'hood (and i do mean that literally) - so i could still make it happen on time!