Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It Is (Technically) Spring!

It really doesn't get much better than this. I'm sitting here at my kitchen island, drinking a cup of Earl Grey, and listening to these guys while the girls play outside. Did you hear that? While the girls play outside! It's sunny and kind of cold, but it's supposed to hit the exalted high of 55 today.

Because I spent last week blogging about Easter, I skipped over the first day of Spring. That morning though when the girls woke up I told them that something mysterious had happened. I had gone down to the kitchen, and apparently a visitor had come and left something for them. It was the Spring Bunny, and this is what they found at each of their places at the table.

(This is actually a picture of Darren's breakfast. Because what man doesn't need to start the day with a pink-frosted bunny cinnamon roll?)

The Spring Bunny also left them each a package of flower seeds to plant. (This was the day before the blizzard we got.) Maybe someday I'll have pictures to post of full-grown, flowering sweet peas. Hopefully they'll be more successful than the pumpkin we tried to grow (in a styrofoam cup) last Fall.

Here are my little spring bunnies:

Yesterday was the first day they really got to play outside. They came back in about 30 minutes later with streaming noses and a sand bucket full of their treasures, including dead raggedy pinecones (which are now "decorating" the kitchen table. That is a mother's love, for sure.) and pieces of concrete from our rapidly disintegrating patio (I drew the line at those in the house).

This morning the first thing they wanted to do was go back out again. This time they took their babies out for an airing as well.

They're back inside now because Shelley (one of the dolls) has fallen, hurt her knee, and "blood is gushing out." I'm in charge of triage.
Happy Spring!


Mae said...


I do love reading about your girls and their adventures. The pictures are great. Mae Correll

Alice said...

Hi Mae, I'm so glad you're visiting "here on Guilford Road"! Thanks! and welcome! :-)

Juliet said...

Wednesday was a beautiful day. Since I don't have my car, I walked to the Library in Rockton. It only took me an half hour.

Glad that the girls were able to get out.

Love the bunny..wish I had one!

Heather said...

I want a bunny too! I love that idea with rolls, as my family used to make me the bunny cake (that looked similar) when I was younger with white round cakes. yummy.. Oh, and Alicia and I enjoy listening to Selah, too.

Alice said...

Yeah, it's so easy--I just got the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and tinted the frosting. The bunny cakes sound good!!

And another Selah fan, finally! I'm hoping to see them twice this year (in December)...