Friday, March 28, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking

Here is a "conversation" (aka argument) that I hear almost every day as of late.

"Lucy, I play de piano. You play de organ."

"I don't want to play the organ. I want to play the piano."

"No, you play organ."

"But I don't want to! I really want the piano."

(outraged screech) "Play organ, Lucy!"

"Moooommmm, Elaine says I have to play the organ, but I want to play the piano."

"Will the two of you just relax? You can both play the piano."

"But she's telling me I can't."

"Lucy, she's 2. I said you can both play the piano. Elaine, you need to simmer down."

"Elaine, I'm playing the piano too BECAUSE MOM SAID SO."

"OK, Lucy. You can play piano. Me too. Mom, you play de organ."

"All right. I'll play the organ, you both play the piano, and we'll all sing."

And the argument is lost in the happy noise of instruments and voices.

Wait. Did I mention that the location of these arguments is our car? And that we own neither a piano nor an organ? And that the instruments we are referring to are, in fact, the girls' laps and the car steering wheel?


Ann-Marie said...

You had me up until the "in the car" part - then I lost it! HAHAHAHA! Too funny!

You're a good Mediator Mom!

Alysa said...

oh alice - too funny. i was thinking to myself, when did she get her mom's piano and i have NO recolletion of an organ in the Nichols family!