Monday, February 18, 2008

What We Did With Our Weekend

This day I anticipated being at work. However, on Friday when I went in to the office, I discovered we have the day off for the holiday. I called Elaine's daycare to let them know she wouldn't be there, and they said they were closed. I guess everyone honors presidents except for me. Normally, an unexpected holiday would be cause for happiness. Unless you're a mother of toddlers and preschoolers who have been indoors all winter. What are we paying these schools for if not to give me some respite? Every time I turn around there's another holiday. In two weeks, it's Pulaski Day, which is the biggest scam ever. I'm all for honoring heroes, but really? He was that much of a standout among every other soldier in every other war that he gets his own holiday? Now I'm sure the thousands of people who read this blog will write in to tell me why he deserves it, but all I can see is another long day of playing Candyland and breaking up fights over Cinderella dresses stretched in front of me.

Anyway, over the weekend, Lucy went to another birthday party. It was a Hannah Montana party. We were talking before the party, and Lucy said, "I like Hannah Montana too." I said, "No, honey, she's too old for you." "Well, can I like her when I get old?" Oh. Busted. So, I had 0.9 seconds in which to mount a rational defense of why she can never like Hannah Montana, which didn't include the logic, "Because it's lame and cheesy and they sell her merchandise at Wal-Mart." We actually had a good talk about people who focus only on what's on the outside and how we should try to focus on what's on the inside. And not dress in gold-sequined mini-skirts.

That evening Darren and I had a Valentine's party to go to at church. It did not have a Hannah Montana theme. We had a great time and were one of the couples selected to play the Not-So-Newlywed game. We would have at least tied for first except for the fact that Darren completely choked. The question (for me) was, "What would be your husband's dream job?" I said, "Something with woodworking, installing wood floors, etc." Now. This man watches "Yankee Workshop" and "This Old House." He has told me numerous times, "If anyone ever asks what I'd like to do, tell them woodworking and home improvement." When the big moment came, what did he say? Farmer. But...we had a great time anyway. I'd probably write more about it, but right now I've got two girls in the chair with me trying to push the keys on my laptop. I'm surprised I've gotten this much down. (I bet Juliet will post about it at her blog, with pictures!)

And........This is what Elaine did with her weekend.

And yes. In the last shot, she has just had a bath and her hair washed. Paging Howard Hughes.

OK. We're outta here and off to my mom and dad's. There are different toys and better food over there. And I hear they honor presidents over there. Maybe my mom will make cherry pie.


WendyJanelle said...

Hahahaaha!! I'm always looking forward to the holidays so at least by husband will be home to help me with the kids!! He took today off, thank goodness.

Love your shower curtain, btw.
I have a 3-year old obsessed with hand-washing also. Give the kid a donut and he'll wash his hands 15 times in the course of eating it, and THEN he'll try to wash the donut!!

(Friend of Ann-Marie's... I'm stalking her friends, heh heh...just gotta kill time while feeding the baby ;-)

Alice said...

I wish my husband had holidays off! His company almost never, ever closes.

I can see where donuts would prompt a lot of washing. We had waffles on Saturday, and E. spent about 45 minutes at the sink. :-)