Thursday, January 03, 2008

She's Radiant!

This Charlotte's Web obsession might be going a little too far. Last night I walked into the bathroom while the girls were taking a bath. [A sidenote: Of course I'm always supervising while they're in the water. I had walked out for a few minutes to get some cleaning supplies. I've discovered that the optimum time to clean the bathroom is while they're bathing. That way I'm getting it done while keeping an eye on them AND they're not able to walk around on the floor while I'm washing it. It's maternal multi-tasking at its finest. I'm waiting for my Nobel Peace Prize nomination any day now.]

Lucy was carefully brushing Elaine's hair with her wet toothbrush (and surprisingly, Elaine was actually letting her). She said to me, "Mom, I'm giving her a buttermilk bath, just like Mrs. Homer Zuckerman gave to Wilbur. She's going to be some clean pig when I'm through!"


Ann-Marie said...

At least she wants her sister to be a clean pig. I'm just glad she didn't get in trouble for calling her sister a pig - you're a pretty understanding Mom.

Juliet said...

Getting two jobs done..what a Mom.
I could give you a Nobel Peace Award...but somehow it wouldn't be quite the same.

Alice said...

Well, she did look like such a clean sweet little pink pig--I knew the spirit in which it was intended.

And, I'll take the Nobel from you, Juliet! :-)