Monday, January 28, 2008

A good weekend and some random quotes...

Friday night we went to a play at Lucy's school, "Madeline and the Bad Hat." We had to sit on bleachers (there's a blast from the past), which were completely uncomfortable, but both girls just loved the play and sat mesmerized for an hour, so I didn't mind.

Saturday we went to a one-year birthday party for a friend. The girls made cards for him and brought him small gifts, though it took some persuading to get Elaine to part with the Curious George puzzle she was giving. I would ask her periodically throughout the party, "Do you want to give Caleb (she calls him "Clay-leb") his puzzle now?" and she would nod; we would walk over to him; she would stretch out her hand with the puzzle, then retract it, shake her head, and walk away. I finally just distracted her with some pigs-in-a-blanket and birthday cake so she would put it down.

I think this is common with most parents when they're expecting their second child, but you just wonder if you'll ever be able to love them as much as your first one. Then when they arrive, there is just no doubt. And each day as she grows into her own little person, I see how crazy I was to even think that.

Now when I'm in the kitchen, like I was yesterday on a big cooking jag (making beef stew and corn & potato chowder thankyouverymuch), all of a sudden I hear the sound of the kitchen stool being dragged over, then the sound of climbing up the steps, and a little blond gosling head pops up at my elbow and peeps, "Why you do dat, Mommy?" I talked her through what I was doing, and she grabbed the little cookbook that was on the counter and said, "I read dis to you. It says, 'Nine.'" (I'll be very sad when she can pronounce "th." I almost want Lucy to bug her just so I can keep hearing her say, "No bodder me please Lucy!") Then later I was peeling a number of grapefruit and she kept running in and saying, "Please Mom, I want some dat pumpkin" then after I gave her a mouthful she'd say, "I go play now!" until 30 or 40 seconds later she'd be back for more.

Both girls also started watching "Cinderella" together this weekend. Lucy's seen it before but had fortunately forgotten that we own it. I HATE that movie. It should really be renamed "A Bunch of Mice Get Chased by a Cat for an Hour and a Half." It's so annoying. But...they both love it even though Elaine can barely contain her distress and shouts at the screen, "No no you naughty cat! Don't do dat!"

Afterward I heard Lucy say to her, "Elaine, did you know that cat is named Lucifer? And after he was a cat, then he became an angel. Then he was turned into a snake."

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