Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School 2011 Edition

It's my annual back-to-school post. Lucy's first day of 3rd grade was yesterday. Her room theme is Route 66.

As always, we have muffins for breakfast on the first day of school, thanks to Betsy-Tacy. These are Kababayn muffins, recipe courtesy Tia Rome. Very good, or as my brother says, "Donuts in muffin form."
Miss Big Time Third Grader:
Today is Elaine's first day of kindergarten:
The annual backpack shots (Lucy's too cool to have a character backpack this year):
But kindergartners still love Hello Kitty:
New shoes, of course:
My first day of school today too--English 103, "Reading Literature and Writing Argument." Not quite as much fun as Grades 3 and K...
Dad and girls:
Elaine meets her kindgerten teacher at the door of the Rainforest Room (her coat hook has a picture of a monkey on it. She was only slightly disappointed that it wasn't a cat.)
The teacher read The Kissing Hand to everyone. After that, we said goodbye:

My baby goes to kindergarten:
Flashback 1974 (check out my rockin' threads as I stand in front of the radiator cover):

As is often the case, the flavor of the day is Bittersweet.


Melanie said...

I love this annual posting! I can't believe our December babies are starting kindergarten! Love the pics too! Hey, do you think you could send me that muffin recipe? I think I would like to adopt that tradition as well!
I hope all of your first days went well!

Shannon Popkin said...

Oh how I love 'back to school'. I love the smell of crayons and the shiny hallway floors. I love new shoes and new teachers and big smiles on the first day. I loved, loved, loved getting my classroom ready for the first day, and meeting all my new little people. I hope your girls' teachers love teaching every bit as much as I did. And I hope their fist day was absolutely grand.

Kacie said...

Can't believe how much they've grown since I started reading your blog!

Mae said...

Thanks once again. It is so fun to see the girls grow up and have new adventures.

frustration saturation said...

Oh my, Alice! Love the pictures of the girls. I really love the way cool picture from your first day of school. You look so excited!!

Carol Berger