Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

This year, the girls and I decided we wanted to make something special for Father's Day. We saw this picture in Family Fun magazine: a mosaic birdbath.

What better gift for a dad who loves birds? Last week, we headed to Michael's and Lowe's to pick up supplies. We also decided that a birdbath for Daddy was not enough. We also needed a birdbath for PaPa, Packa, and Tio.

The fun part was setting out the designs and glueing the mosaic pieces.

Let me reiterate: That was the fun part.

The not fun part was grouting not one, but four, mosaic birdbaths. It was too difficult for the girls, so I did all the grouting. With a toothpick and a Q-tip. Did I mention it was not fun? I lost most of my sanctification in the process. But I did it.

Then after letting it cure for 48 hours, I put the sealant on them. Darren, Lucy, and Elaine took PaPa his birdbath on Friday.

On Sunday, we had lunch at our house for Packa, Tio, and Tia.
Here is Tio's finished birdbath. It does not look like the magazine picture. But it was made with lots of love. The girls chose sea glass and shells for it because Tio loves the outdoors. They also chose a flat rock for the center because he loves to skip rocks. You probably can't tell from the picture, but they spelled "Tio" in colored stones, too.

Here is Packa's. His has a sun in the middle and a cross of blue stones. I like the bright colors on this one.

Here's a side view:

And here is Daddy's. His is made with a different style of pot/saucer since, in Lucy's words, "We need something extra special for Dad."

For lunch we had pork steak, potato salad, fruit salad, Mrs. Fischer's potato chips (Darren's favorite), ice cream pie, key lime bars, chocolate chip cookies, and Arnold Palmer to drink (ice tea/lemonade for those who aren't familiar).

It was a great day to celebrate a wonderful grandpa...

a wonderful uncle...

...and a wonderful Daddy!
Happy Father's Day to all!


Melanie said...

That's so cool! I get that magazine but have yet to do one of their great crafts. You should submit a pic to the mag!
Glad all the dad's in your life had such a great day! Happy Father's Day to them all - albeit a day late! :)

J C F said...

It's great to see the proud dads. The mosaics are beautiful. You can buy those at Anthropologie for like $600 and they aren't even half as pretty.