Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hymn Playlist

I am on Spring Break this week, but I'm taking my free time to get ready for my summer class. It's a lot of work, fun work, but it's not leaving me much time to write anything else, so this is what I'm cobbling together.

I think Christianity Today put out a list of the top 27 or so hymns of all time last week, and now I see Travis Cottrell and others out there asking "What's Your Favorite Hymn?" I love hymns so, so much, and it's hard to give a comprehensive list--but here are some of my favorites. (A side note: I like all the musical renditions in these youtube versions I'm putting up, but the artwork/slideshows...maybe not so much. I guess just...close your eyes!)

Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah.
I couldn't find a rendition on youtube that I liked of this. I love Robin Mark's version on his "All For Jesus: Songs & Hymns" album. My favorite verse is the last: "When I tread the verge of Jordan, bid my anxious fears subside. Death of death and hell's destruction, land me safe on Canaan's side."

I Stand Amazed.
If I heard my mom standing at the kitchen sink, singing this one once, I heard her a thousand times. I love this, especially at around the 4:45 mark--and knowing that she is singing it face-to-face now. I can't wait!

Come Thou Fount.
This one has seen me through some rocky times.

He Leadeth Me.
Ditto on this one.

Be Thou My Vision.
Sung at our wedding and my brother's wedding, now known as "The Wedding Song" in our family.

Great is Thy Faithfulness.
This is the Moody Bible Institute hymn, so I pretty much heard this every single Sunday morning of my childhood on WMBI, then sang it all the time in college. But I never really heard it until it came on while I was rocking my first-born baby, the one I had waited 8 years to arrive.

Precious Lord.
I couldn't make a hymn list without at least one of the black gospel hymns that has shaped my existence. Here is really the first one written, plus another hymn I heard my mom sing a million times around the house.

Oh Happy Day.
Here is another gospel favorite. I sang this so many times at the little black church I went to in college. I know this is from a movie, but man. Great version. It really starts around 1:30.

How Firm a Foundation.
I couldn't find a rendition of this online that I liked, but I have sung this in the dark many times.

Blessed Assurance.
This is my story, this is my song.

Well, those are some of mine. I could probably make a list of 40 or more, but I'll stop there. What are your favorites?

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