Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brightening Things Up

The two events in this blogpost really have nothing to do with each other, but life is blah and I've been a lazy blogger lately, so you're getting them both together.

Our upstairs bathroom needed a little brightening. Remember the downstairs makeover? I'm too lazy to even link to it. Well, the upstairs needed it, too, but without costing hardly any money.

Here it is before. The people who had our house before us did a beautiful job, but I'm disappointed in the wall mirror in this bathroom. I wish we could have two wood-framed mirrors, one above each sink. Don't you think? But...that's kind of a big project.

Here's a cabinet I am definitely not in love with. Also a project for another time.

It all needed a splash of color, so...voila.

And also...ta da! Courtesy of Kathy at One Elegant Lady...

Aren't they great?

These are my two favorites:

I brought the girls in to see the changes, and Lucy said, "Cool! Now we have a London bathroom." And Elaine said, "Whoa. Rock and roll, Mom!" (I swear to you, she said that.)

In other news, I went out this week. By myself. In the evening. For dinner. I got in my car and drove 90 miles to Chicago (it took three hours).

I met some of my favorite people, three of my mates from a job I used to work BC (Before Children). We met at my favorite restaurant (bonus), here:

We all worked together in the mid-90s as general office people in a huge commercial real estate corporation for this crazy guy. We loved him. In fact, I still have a dream at least three times a year that he asks me to come back and work for him. He used to walk on his hands around the office and play Stevie Wonder, "Superstition" over and over and over as loudly as possible. One time he made me leave work and go to a music store so I could buy the Jefferson Airplane album that had "White Rabbit" on it so he could sing, "Go ask Alice, she's ten feet tall," with accompaniment.

Anyway, we were all young(er) and getting our masters' at DePaul and whatnot but basically spent our time laughing and going downstairs to Seattle's Best. Now we're older and get together about every three years and laugh at all the same stuff. I've been so sad lately, so it was great to just get out and have fun.

I wish I had a before picture and I know we've had a bunch taken, but I can't find any. But here we are now:

Left to right: Anne--she's British and the only person I know who takes Masterpiece Theatre as seriously as I do. Next is Marie--she works for the city counsel and teaches at Malcolm X. She is hilarious and the master of the malaprop. Me--ummmm, mom/blogger. Last is Joel; he used to be a struggling actor. Now he's married, two kids, and works for the Lyric Opera. One of the funniest people I've ever known.

So ah, that's about it. I put new towels and pictures in the bathroom and went out with friends. Then I blogged about it. It could be a GuilfordRoad new low.


Mae said...

Whatever you write, I love to read. The new things in the bathroom really spruced it up. I always check your blog after I read Alysa's, so please keep writing.

I do pray the Lord will continue to encourage you. So glad that you were able to go to Chicago and be with friends.

I've recently reconnected with 2 friends from Bible College that I had lost contact with, and am very happy about that. They were dear friends. One actually lives in Huntley, Ill. and I plan to see her the next time I go to Chicago to be with Alysa.

Elegant Artist said...

Alice,I'm JUST Gah!Gah! over the redo of your lavratory. does that sound British enough? It also looks a bit like Peg's too?!
Glad you got out with friends,doesn't it make you feel human again? Not that you weren't before.
Just want you to know that I'm reading The Broken Tea Glass. kathy

Melanie said...

This is far from a low spot for Guilford Road! I love seeing the pic of you with your work friends - I remember you telling me about that job in a long ago email & it's great to see some of your friends from there as well as hearing what they do now. Great post! One question, what did you listen to on the way down? Oh, and what did you eat? :-)

Melanie said...

And I LOVE the mini-makeover of your bathroom!