Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another viewpoint

Alysa wrote about Mom's service here. And, since she's a gifted photographer, there are some pictures too! It was cool to read about that day through someone else's eyes. And she gives our family a lot of love in it, but let me assure you, the feeling is more than mutual. If I want to have a laugh/cry, I think about one of the many weekends we shared at my house during college. We woke up, and there was some sort of massive bug in our room. We shrieked at the top of our lungs and, I think, ran in to my mom's room (where I'm sure she joined our shrieking) until my dad came upstairs (disgustedly) to kill it for us. HEY. It was a big bug.

Anyway, thanks Alysa--for doing life with us and getting up to sing in celebration of it!

(P.S. I'm fat in that last picture because I'm seven months pregnant. Just to clarify.)

(P.P.S. Those adorable boys in the pictures with my girls are our nephews, Ryne and Joseph.)

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