Friday, May 14, 2010

Four Things

...that made me happy today:

Favorite bird:

Second-favorite flowers:

Favorite cookies (warm from the oven):

Favorite pretend cat:

A pretty good day!


Danny said...

Actually, 6 things for us:

Four you named.

Favorite Blogger:
Alice Daniels

Favorite and Wonderful, caring friend, daughter, wife, mom:
Alice Daniels again!

MUST add new categories to each day to catch all the goodness life has to offer through you.

Blessings Alice!

Danny Lucas

Melanie said...

Love these! Lilly of the valley grows in our backyard each spring and it's one of my favs too - I have an old jelly jar full of it by the kitchen sink. :) I was at the Mall of America today and saw a store that made me think of you. I took some pics and will be forwarding them your way soon.