Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture Poem

Children, It's Spring

And this is the lady
whom everyone loves,
Ms. Violet
in her purple gown

or, on special occasions,
a dress the color
of sunlight. She sits
in the mossy weeds and waits

to be noticed.
She loves dampness.
She loves attention.
She loves especially

to be picked by careful fingers,
young fingers, entranced
by what has happened
to the world.

We, the older ones,
call it Spring,
and we have been through it
many times.

But there is still nothing
like the children bringing home
such happiness
in their small hands.

--Mary Oliver


Melanie said...

Soo sweet!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Violets are such dear little flowers, with their delicate, shy faces...much less forward than their bold cousins, the pansies.

I love this photo! And I love that poem.

Happy Spring!