Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tea Party Tuesday

Last Tuesday, Sarah and I pulled Isabella and Lucy out of school for the afternoon--despite their AP Calculus exams or whatever they have going on in the first and second grades--for Elaine's third and final birthday party. As I mentioned previously, first we went to the theater to see "The Princess and the Frog." Since then I've read all sorts of opinions and reviews and everything that's wrong with it. Apparently I've lost some of my depth (assuming I had any to lose), or maybe I was just blinded by the pretty! and the New Orleans jazz! gospel music! because like I said, I loved it. And when Princess Tiana said, "No way am I kissin' a frog AND eatin' a bug in the.same.day." I cracked up. I still think you should see it.

After the movie, we came back home for a tea party. Here are the three best friends...

A close-up of the refreshments...

Sarah had to go pick up the boys from school. They were quite put out that they had not been invited to the party. They love Elaine. "Why can't we come to the movie and tea party?" they asked. "Aren't you always saying you want us to be gentlemen?" Sarah told me later, then she added, "They're just mad that they have to go to school."

We saved them some food and tea, but the girls insisted that they dress accordingly. Andrew is willing to do whatever for a laugh. Stephen's the one hiding from the camera. He's 13.

That finally ended all of Elaine's birthday celebrations. I was relieved because we have discussed her birthday every single day since June. But then yesterday she started a conversation to me with, "Next time on my birthday, Mom, when I turn 5..."

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Juliet said...

Upon reading that last comment by Elaine I could only think in my mind..."That's our Elaine!!"..I know she's your Elaine but I know you don't mind sharing her funny comments with us.