Monday, December 14, 2009

The Birthday Weekend

Four years ago on Saturday (12/12), this little bundle arrived. She wasn't due until January, but we think she just didn't want to miss out on Christmas presents. She was born so fast, some of the blood vessels in her eyes burst (gross, but true). We had to leave her in the hospital for a week, and when Darren and I came home, our neighbor Jan had left a big tray of Christmas cookies on our back porch. That night Darren went to do some errands, and I watched TV. A Pampers commercial came on--the one with all the sleeping babies and "Silent Night" in the background--and I burst into tears and ate the entire tray of cookies. Post-partum good times.

And now here we are, four years later, and I have no more excuses to eat an entire tray of cookies. But it's still all good.

In our house, birthday people wake up to a special breakfast--muffins and hot chocolate--with candles in the muffins; a tradition passed down from my dear Grandma Garner.

We also spread the presents out throughout the day, because who doesn't want to open some gifts at breakfast? Elaine got a new doll named Sophie. This is actually the name the manufacturer put on the doll, which is great because it's the name she's obsessed with now anyway. Last year everything was named Anna. This year it's Sophie. She also got a little doll in a swing (thanks, Juliet!), and when I said, "What are you going to name the tiny dolly?" she said, "Little Sophie." Well OK, then.

I threw in this picture because I love the expression on her face. She got a Wishbone DVD. If you've never seen that show, it is great. It's about a little dog (named Wishbone) who inserts himself into all sorts of literary adventures. This particular one is "Paw Prints of Thieves."

Elaine and Lucy played and ran errands with Daddy the rest of the day, and in the afternoon Lucy helped me decorate the birthday cake. This design was by Elaine's request. Please understand that it is made with 100% love, rather than skill. Elaine is kind of obsessed with Ariel these days too. She knows I'm not crazy about Ariel because she disobeys her father and isn't content with what she has and runs around in her bra all the time. But...she has a tail, Mom. A glittery, sparkly tail! What are my objections in light of the TAIL?! So--this too, shall pass.

In the evening, our families came over for a pizza party, which was also Elaine's request. She got all sorts of gifts, of course, Tinkerbell-, Strawberry Shortcake-, Ariel- and cat-themed. She also got an awesome present from Lucy, which is a bathtub toy that adheres to the tile wall. It's a waterfall and swing and slide for their bath mermaids. They played and played and played with it that night.

On Sunday evening, we surprised both girls by going to Disney on Ice with Lucho & Sarah and their kids. Of course they liked the part about Belle and the Beast most of all. I loved Mulan because she is so smart and brave and SHE SAVED CHINA, people! to make it into the mass producer of lead-based paint goods that it is today.

So we finally brought home two tired, cranky but happy girls. Lucy is now at school, and Elaine is sitting on the living room floor still in her pajamas (and her snow boots), with her toys spread around her, and the Jesus Storybook Bible (a gift from Mommy and Daddy) in the CD player.

We have a four-year-old now!


Kacie said...

I love Mulan. I also loved Anastasia, but the bad guy in that one is legitimately creepy!

Mae said...

What a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Juliet said...

Happy Birthday Elaine!!

What a day so full of fun, gifts, food and even a surprise..Disney on Ice.

Hello come four year old Elaine. Wonder what wonderful conversation of a four year old will bring! Can't wait!