Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Pictures Are Ready!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I hired a photographer, Julie Kittredge, to take some pictures of my mom and the girls last Friday.

I got Julie's name from my friend Alysa--she had done the most beautiful photographs of their family--and that's what gave me the idea.

Julie met us at the Japanese Gardens near our house. My girls were thrilled because her last name was the same as Kit Kittredge. My mom was resigned to the whole thing because she doesn't like her picture taken under the best of circumstances and certainly not now when she feels her worst. At the same time, she assured me she was happy to do this, and any minute spent with "her girls" was not wasted.

Julie put everyone at ease. She was so relaxed and unobtrusive about the whole process. I really wanted to capture both my mom's peace and serenity as well as the loving relationship she and the girls have. Julie definitely did that. These pictures are just unbelievably beautiful.

Before you look at them though, you have to know a bit more about her. As soon as you mention "professional photography," the first thing that comes to your mind is BIG money. Believe me, I have paid the huge sitting fees and then the print costs. Julie is committed to providing her amazing photos to families at a low cost. In her words, "I know what it's like to struggle financially, not being able to afford luxuries--let alone a real treasure like custom photography of my family. I feel strongly about allowing every family to own beautiful pictures of their loved ones." Then, get this: Julie donates a portion of her fee to Breakthrough Urban Ministries--a shelter for women. How cool is that?

If you live anywhere near me and are thinking about pictures of your family, check out Julie and her fabulous work.

And Julie--thank you for this unbelievable gift. These pictures are indeed our treasure!

So...without further ado--check them out HERE!


Alysa said...

They are truly stunning. Your mother looks beautiful and peaceful and loving and grace-filled ... just as she always has looked. What a priceless treasure.

Juliet said...

WOW! I know there must be a better word than that one...but WOW!!!

First off, I just love all the different fall colors everyone is wearing. So much love shown by the different pictures with holding of hands.

When I first met your mother, the first thought was she is one beautiful lady. Not only outside but way deep inside.

I'm so glad that you shared these photos! Love the family photo!

And your friend does an awsome job!

Kacie said...

Oh my GOODNESS those are stunning. I imagine them blown up and framed on your wall probably for the rest of your life! Wow... really really beautiful.

Melanie said...

These are the amazing photos! I love how natural they turned out - absolutely stunning! And I love that she donates a portion of the proceeds to such a worthy cause!

Laura Brown said...

Those are beautiful photos, Alice. What a good idea. Sadly, I don't live anywhere near Julie, but I know I'd use her if I did.

Heather said...

those pictures are just beautiful. what great memories to cherish.