Friday, August 21, 2009

Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair.

I posted some pictures to facebook of the girls' back-to-school haircuts (a now yearly tradition), but I guess I neglected to mark the first pictures I put on there as "before." I'll definitely do so here. I think some people saw the first few pictures, which really show how much I have completely neglected both of them in the hair department over the summer and thought they were supposed to compliment those cute 'dos or something.

Anyway, they haven't gotten haircuts since Eastertime. Each summer, Lucy has wanted to grow her hair out and basically not bother with it at all, so I let her. She got it long enough this summer so that I could put it up in a small bun or at least a banana-type clip in back. We also go through a lot of sorrow and grief because she still hates brushing her hair. I usually asked that she at least run a brush through it each morning, but that may or may not have happened every single day.

Elaine has hair like me--you can wait for months, and it might grow a quarter of an inch. But she grew enough to look like a neglected little waif.

Here they are in their Kit Kittredge t-shirts and their bedhead (I tried to have this photo be like those magazine makeover photos--where the before images are candid and as bad as possible).

Then we went to visit Ms. Robin, our haircut lady. She neatened up Elaine's little cut, and Elaine even let me put a barrette in for a few minutes--and for once she didn't even insist that it had to have some sort of cat on it.

Lucy wanted to go for the big change. She kept saying, "I can't wait to have short hair back again!" I kept asking her if she was sure, and she was adamant. When we got to Ms. Robin's, we decided that the inverted, jaw-length bob would be a good look for hair. You would not believe how much hair was on the floor when she was done. We could have made a whole new girl out of it. As for Lucy, she was thrilled and couldn't stop looking at it or touching it.

So there you go--all ready for fall. Lucy and I are planning to go shopping tomorrow for new school shoes and new headbands--which leads me to my next point. My friend Becky has just started a new business called Pocket Full of Posies. She makes custom bows, clips, beanies, headbands, fabric flowers, and more especially for babies and children. She has beautiful, unique, (extremely reasonably priced!) designs. She will customize for you also, so if you have a special outfit or Christmas dress, etc., Becky can color- and design-coordinate with you to get the perfect finishing touch for your girl's hair. Check out this, this, and these--just a few of my favorites. If you are on facebook, you can also become a fan so you can see updates and new designs she adds. So, if you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or any little girl in your life in need of at Pocket Full of Posies for some adorable head gear/hair wear!

Now I just need to convince Becky to add some things with cats on them...


Becky said...

Ok. I made a cat clip. :) Look for it this afternoon.

Alice said...

See, people? Check out that immediate, customized service!!!

Melanie said...

I am in so much trouble once Miss Sophie arrives - love Becky's site - will be adding to my favs. Thanks for the link!
By the by, I really did think the girls looked cute in their before shots! Too funny! They look all adorable and polished now - perfect by to school and start to school looks for each of them! Guess what, I chopped all my hair off! It's chin length now - I'll have to give you the details later. Have a great weekend!

Becky said...

I am nuts. I made three cats. (I was experimenting with different looks.) One is a Hello Kitty. I'll probably post them all. Why not?

Anonymous said...

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