Wednesday, July 08, 2009

News to Me

Elaine is so excited about heading to pre-school this fall that she can't contain herself. When we were in Target last week, she saw a backpack that she absolutely needed right then (she didn't get it). Then today she saw a princess lunchbox she had to have. When I said no, she got so mad that when we walked through the sporting goods section, she kicked a can of tennis balls on the floor. I stated that she should pick them up immediately and apologize, but instead she laid down on the floor and went completely DefCon 1. Yes, we have officially become *that* family--the one whose child's screams you hear throughout the store and think to yourself, "Why can't they get that hellion under control?"

I don't know how she's going to survive the remaining seven or so weeks before she actually gets to go to school. But this afternoon (after apologizing for what will now be referred to as The Dark Target Visit), she climbed up on my lap for some Mama time. She then held me captive for a long monologue about her teacher (whom she's never met nor does she know anything about, not even her name).

She told me, "My teacher, Mom? She's so nice. She has a pool and lots of goggles for everyone. And she has a cat named Anna. She's got lots of dress-up clothes and rings for all of us to wear. And the rings have gum in them. She has a play kitchen, and we're going to have lots of tea parties where we're all going to wear cat costumes. And have cake, lots of cake, and ice cream to go with it. She has a lot of money, too. Oh, and Theresa gave me some money, Mom. She gave me one hundred dollars so I can go to the pool."

It was so much fun listening to what was obviously her ultimate school fantasy, but I had to finally break in and ask, "Who is Theresa?"

She answered, "She's my sister. And my friend. Really, Mom, most of my friends are in college."


Kacie said...

She is SO funny. She's got the potential to be the main character in a kids book series... it's amazing.

Melanie said...

That is too funny! I second what Kacie says - it's true of both Lucy and Elaine. Cole's always telling us that he's going to the beach on Friday (every Friday) with his teacher 'Teacher Beth'. He doesn't have a bonus sister who's in college but he does have cow and baby for whom he has completely different voices and personalities - thank goodness 3 is full of cool imagination stuff since you also get the madness/tantrums, right? :)

Ann-Marie said...

Well, it is true that you make most of your best, lifetime friends in college - amazing how young she knows this!

I was thrilled to go to school, too, so I am excited with and for Elaine!!!

Juliet said...

With an imagination like that, Elaine should turn out to be a great her mom.

Juliet said...
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Peggy said...

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