Sunday, June 07, 2009

And now we are six!

Today was Lucy's birthday, but we have been partying most of the weekend. On Friday afternoon, I baked cupcakes, and Lucy and I decorated them. She had wanted sunflower cupcakes from our Hello, Cupcake! book. We had so much fun doing them, and they turned out pretty cute, in my opinion.

We had a cookout in the evening, and Sarah, Lucho, and their kids came over. They brought Lucy her first Fancy Nancy book, plus the crown, feather boa, and earrings. We're now officially Fancy Nancy fans.

Here's my little Fancy Nancy...

Elaine kept asking, "Is it my birthday too?" Then later she asked me sadly, "When it's my birthday, can I get a Fancy Nancy book and crown and earrings too?" I remembered all too clearly when Lucy was this age, and Elaine was turning one--THAT was a difficult birthday party. Remember? So I tried to be prepared and got Elaine a little gift bag with things she likes to help her through the family party we had scheduled for Sunday.

Today we got up early and went to Wheaton to Chuck and Rome's (and our former church) where we heard a "whacking great sermon" from Galatians by their English pastor, Josh Moody. My dad was with us, but my mom wasn't feeling quite up to it.

Then we went over to Chuck and Rome's for another cookout to celebrate both Lucy's birthday and also Chuck's, which is tomorrow.

Darren had some good times with his new camera...I just love this one:

Here are my girls and me...

Here is Lucy, showing us the direction booklet that came with her Narnia castle megablock set she got.

She also got coloring books, a bead bracelet kit, princess pajamas, the outfit that she has on (complete with matching flip-flops), two dresses that my mom made, some money, and of course her big gift of her Girls 'n Grace doll.

Elaine had been happy until that point. She had given Lucy the pajamas, along with some lip gloss, ponytail holders, and Hello Kitty toothbrush. In the little giftbag I had brought for her, she also got lip gloss, a Hello Kitty toothbrush, some cute shoes, and a pack of gum. That sufficed until Lucy opened up her doll. Then she kept saying pathetically to everyone, "Where's my other present? Where's my doll?" until we all felt terrible.

Here she is, feeling low and needing her "Mama time."

Rome saved the day by running upstairs and bringing down something she had meant for Lucy but quickly decided to give to Elaine--a very cool rubber stamp set. Elaine held onto it for dear life for the rest of the party.

There's just something about being three years old and not understanding when your birthday is the one that is not now.

A big highlight of the day was surprising my parents with an anniversary gift. Their 43rd anniversary is the 17th, but since we were all together today we decided to do it now. In 2005, we were all invited to a charity garden walk. A friend of ours, a professional photographer, took this picture of them. I had seen it in a slideshow of the garden walk, but they never had until today.

I contacted our friend, he found it in his files right away, and did this absolutely gorgeous print for them. Chuck and Rome got it framed. My mom and dad were completely flabbergasted and thrilled.

Isn't it beautiful? They look so comfortable and happy together, and my mom looks so healthy. Who knew that one of the many candid shots our friend took that day that this treasure for us would be among them?

After eating cake together, we were all getting partied out so we headed for home. On the way there, I heard a little snore from the back seat. I looked back, and this is what I saw...

After this, I'll be on a little blog break for awhile. Darren and I are heading out this week to the lilac festival on Mackinac Island. It's a present for my upcoming birthday and to celebrate our anniversary. I have wanted to go the festival ever since I read about it in Victoria magazine nine years ago. The girls are combining their time with my parents and with Sarah and Lucho. They are thrilled about their "vacation" too.

See you next week with lots of pictures of lilacs!


picturingme said...
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picturingme said...

Okay I deleted my other post because I forgot to mention that fantastic picture of your mother & Elaine AND so glad that their gift turned out so lovely. It sounds like such a wonderful day! The picture of girls asleep in the backseat is worth a thousand words.

Have a fantastic time on your trip. I'm so happy you get to go! ~Looking forward to reading all about the lilacs...

Melanie said...

Loved reading and seeing the recap from Lucy's birthday weekend! Still love that pic of your folks and adore all the pics you got of the weekend. The one with Elaine and your mom - so sweet! I also love the ones of you with the girls. By the way, you look gorgeous in all of these pics!

Ann-Marie said...

Happy birthday, Fancy Nancy Lucy! What an amazing party, and those were some great gifts. I'm glad Elaine was mostly on board...sounds like you guys did all you could to make her feel included - cheers to Rome, for saving the day!!!

That photo of your parents is gorgeous - wow - what a keepsake, and I love, love, love the photo of your mom and her granddaughter!

Next time, though, save me a cupcake - those look delicious (drooling on screen...)

Katie said...

Love, love, love, the picture of Charlie and Lois. What a treasure! The boys and I are looking forward to partying with the girls tomorrow. Have a great time in MI!

Juliet said...

Great fun for everyone and super great photos with your new camera. Darren must love it, because now I get to see you in more photos.

Have a great time!!