Friday, May 22, 2009

It's official--I'm an embarrassment to my children

Tonight we went to the local drive-in for supper to celebrate graduation and summer vacation. On the way home, we had the radio on in the car and the BeeGees "Night Fever" came on. I defy you not to car-sing and car-dance to that song, so of course I was doing so. Even Darren "Mr. Stoic" was whistling along.

Then from the back seat came Lucy's little voice, "Mommmm. Please don't do that."

Hmmmm. Back to kindergarten for her!


picturingme said...

My mom used to break into song any time I would utter a phrase that would jog her memory. It bugged me to no end, but she always said I would do the same thing with my children...and I do! And it's fun! (yes, I delight in annoying my children sometimes :) Just think of it as starting a new tradition! Be sure to let them know that they will do the same thing to their children when they are older. ;)

Ann-Marie said...

Billy Joel once wrote how he started singing on the streets of New York, and his daughters BEGGED him to stop. Even singing sensations embarrass their kids!