Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Good Day

Fourteen years ago today, I was standing, outside some closed doors, waiting for this song to play. It is the only acceptable wedding march for the women in our family--my mom informed me of that very early on in my life. She marched down the aisle to it 43 years ago, I marched to it 14 years ago, my sister-in-law marched to it 5 years ago. That's what I tell my girls too.

"You have complete autonomy, well, within reason, over your weddings," I tell them. "With the exception of your wedding march."

"Don't worry, Mom," Lucy says. "We'll use yours and Manga's and Tia's song. We sure won't have any trashy songs when we get married."

The picture above is of us, cutting our cake. I still have good dreams and fond memories of that cake. It had five tiers--One was yellow cake with fudge filling; one was spice with caramel; one was lemon with raspberry; one was chocolate with white chocolate; and one was French vanilla filled with fresh strawberries and bananas.

I don't know what wedding cakes go for now, but at the time we were getting married you paid $2.50 a slice. The lady who did ours baked her cakes the day before the event so they would be fresh. She told us, "I couldn't lay my head down at night and talk to Jesus if I charged more than a dollar a slice for my cakes." She was hired as soon as we met her.

A lot of May 27, 1995, is a big blur for me as I'm sure all weddings are. But I remember that great cake and waiting at the doorway to the church to hear the fanfare of trumpets and organ.

Fourteen years later, I do not like the hairstyle I had that day, I still am crazy about that dress, and I love even more the person I married.

Most of life of course, we focus on the marriage, not the wedding. But on this day each year, I listen to Purcell and get a little bit teary when I hear it--thinking about that beautiful (albeit rainy) May day when Darren and I got married.

I was happy then, and I'm happy now.

I'm also kind of hungry for some cake.


Juliet said...

"Happy Anniversary to you. Happy Anniversary to you....etc"

We need to set a date to go to Table 13 to celebrate both our wedding anniversary.

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary, Alice and Darren! Love the sound of your cake - I could go for a slice of each right now myself! :) Hope you guys have a great day!

Danny Lucas said...

I had a wonderful Christian mentor for decades until his death.
His name was Hank, and he married my sister, Kathie.
They wed in 1961 and Hank is the only person I met that always introduced my sister this way:
"I'd like you to meet my bride!".

You would think that would wear off after a few years or a decade.
Maybe 2 or 3 decades?
Hank never failed to introduce Kathie the same way, to anyone, anytime, any place. Every day of their marriage was a wedding day.

Darren looks as happy as a clam, not stoic at all.
And to have a wife proclaim the love is deeper today than 14 years ago, means Darren too, treats his a bride every day.

And what are the gifts after 14 anniversaries?

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Ivory
Modern Anniversary Gift: Gold
Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Africa

Take your pick, you two!
Any of the above look marvelous. And your work with Moali fits right in for a special year in Africa. You do not have to go to that continent to celebrate. Just share the year.

Happy, Happy Anniversary Alice and Darren.

The yet to be!

Alysa said...

that sure was a great day! is it really that many years ago? =)

Laura Brown said...

Congratulations to you both!

Ann-Marie said...

I kind of hate how you still look so gorgeous! How is that! Well, you both look amazing - and happy anniversary! So happy for both of you. And for me, getting to be your friend.

Toby said...

Alice, I walked down the aisle to that very same (non-trashy) piece! I was so focused on Mark that I never even saw the trumpeter :) Happy Anniversary, & yes, let's take a nanny next time to the park...