Friday, May 15, 2009

A Belated Birth Announcement

With everything that's been going on around here, I forgot to announce that sometime last Friday or Saturday or maybe Thursday, we're not quite sure, Henry and Margaret's babies were born. We could tell something was different by the proud way Margaret's feathers were fluffed out all of a sudden.

On Sunday morning as we left for church, we all wished Margaret a happy Mother's Day. Doesn't she looked pleased?

We've been watching all week for glimpses of the babies. We could see Margaret shifting uncomfortably. We would all get very excited when we could see a glimpse of a tiny beak or head poking out.

The babies grow extremely quickly because by yesterday we could see this:

Isn't Margaret a wonderful mother? Though sometimes we can't tell if she's feeding, kissing, or sharply reprimanding her children. Probably all three.

Throughout Margaret's nesting time, we were annoyed with Henry. Where was he? We rarely saw him. He was not particularly attentive. Where were Margaret's backrubs? Her late-night ice cream runs? Henry was probably out playing golf with his mourning dove buddies while Margaret sat alone at home.

But yesterday we saw him stop by with some food for the babies. And this morning, he truly redeemed himself. He swooped in and settled on the nest so that Margaret could go out to breakfast with her girlfriends. Look at her, perched on the wire ready to fly off. You can tell she's already singing Aretha Franklin songs she's so happy to get out on her own for a bit. Margaret, you look wonderful. You look like you haven't even had any babies!

Now here's Henry. He's got that panicked-Dad look. What in the world do I do with these kids?

But he settled in nicely. Look how they love their dad. Good job, Henry.

Uh-oh. Margaret has only been gone a few minutes and just look at the state of their nest. How typical.

Then Margaret came back. That really cocks her pistol--she just went out for a little bit, the whole place is trashed, and the babies are still in their pajamas, watching cartoons. Henry just flew off in relief.

The last I saw her, she looked like this: feathers ruffled, the babies back underneath, and a piece of the nest in her mouth, trying to pull things back together again.

Oh, Margaret. We hear you, girl, we hear you. Welcome to motherhood!


picturingme said...

That's hilarious! Great commentary! :)

Kacie said...

wow, hilarious.

Thanks for your advice about literature. I did get similar advice from another Moody grad who teaches lit at a local college in Dallas. If I were to go that direction, I would like to teach high school, I think. That's the age I like to work with anyways. Problem is that I wouldn't particularly enjoy teaching grammar, which is sort of a part of the whole deal.

Melanie said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the good laugh - I sorely needed it this morning! Have a great weekend!

Laura Brown said...

Oh my goodness, what adorable pictures! So glad to hear about your new arrivals! :-)

Ann-Marie said...

Charming! So, I suppose you and the girls are honorary aunts, now! I loved the colorful commentary and the sweet photos. My heartiest congratulations to Henry and Margaret!

Mae said...

Thanks for letting us know what has happened to Margaret and Henry. Loved the post.