Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Makeover Wednesday

I went to the grocery store yesterday, and on my way out I also added "AndIthinkI'llstopbythemallandseeifIcanfindanEasteroutfit" and ran away. First I went into JCPenney, which had some very cute dresses, but everything was at least six sizes too big for me. Not even workable with a cardigan over them. So I made my way to Ann Taylor Loft, where by fortunate coincidence, there was a dress sale going on. As I was picking up a coral sheath, I heard a voice say, "That would look just darling on you." I turned, and there was Lucy's teacher, Mrs. Blevins. Then she said, "Skip that rack for now, and come with me to the super sale rack."
There she found me:

This....(for $9.98)

This....(for $4.98, that's FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY-EIGHT CENTS)...(She currently had one of these on)...

And, ta da! My Easter dress....for $19.99 (marked down from $79.99)....

I also got a necklace to go with the dress, and everything for under $50.00. When I came home, Lucy was thrilled that Mrs. Blevins helped me pick out my new spring clothes.

Today I took the girls for their spring haircuts aka Elaine's makeover.

"WHOA," said Ms. Robin, when she saw Elaine's hair. "I haven't seen bad breakage like that in a LONG time." She said that most babies lose their hair, but some don't until they're toddlers or even pre-schoolers, and that is what is happening to Elaine. She showed me where the new hair is growing in and said she should probably cut it to that length (actually brevity), so it can grow full.

Elaine accepted it all with equanimity.

Here is the length of the back...

Another ta da: Here is her new look!

She was very pleased with herself and kept smoothing her hair and looking in the mirror. I think it is just too cute.

And...if she looks a tad too much like this:

....we just won't say anything about it.


Melanie said...

Oh my lord do I ever have retail envy right now! I love your finds and can't get over how little you got each item for! Seriously, major retail envy right now but if it couldn't happen to me it's only right that the shopping gods smiled upon you.
Elaine looks smashing! Such a cute cut! Happy Makeover Wednesday!

picturingme said...

I love your bargains!! They're fantastic! I'm so going out to find an ATL! -Oh, great that her stylist knew what was happening & was able to give her such a cute cut, even if her mother dressed her up to look like the Dutch Boy sans hat. ;)

Alysa said...

so very adorable. your little elaine. what a de-LIGHT!

Ann-Marie said...

Oh, I LOVE her new hair cut - tre chic! She's such a cutie!

Congrats on all the clothing sale finds - great colors for spring!!! Now that I know JC Penney has clothes six sizes too big for you, I may head over there - maybe they'll fit ME!

Juliet said...

She sure makes a great looking Dutch Girl!!

Since you know that I am also a great bargain hunter I must say: "You done good!" Beautiful dress for Easter! And Happy Easter to all of you!!