Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Representative Photos of the Day

Here is Elaine, being the Lady of Shalott, dead, floating down the river. The flowers she is carrying look suspiciously like some of the parsley I was using to put in soup.

I'm not sure that the actual Lady of Shalott had remnants of toothpaste she had been eating earlier on her face either.

Here is the Lady of Shalott later in the afternoon. Floating down the river works up an appetite even if you're dead I guess, so she helped herself liberally to a packet of Club crackers. Then she hid underneath the kitchen table with them because she thinks we can't see her there.


Juliet said...

I loved that part in Anne of Green Gables. Elaine played her part very well.

I probably would have joined her under the table with the crackers.

Ann-Marie said...

Okay, someone's overdosing on Anne of Green Gables! :-) I love that she thinks she can be invisible. It's always a surprise discovering you're visible!