Monday, January 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Elaine This Weekend

...singing, while bouncing up and down in one of the wing chairs...

"I love currant wine, I love currant wine,
I'm having it for sup-per!"

(And no, she's never had currant wine. She has seen "Anne of Green Gables," however.)


...while getting her out of her carseat last night...

"I'm sorry you bumped your head, Mom. If I slammed your head in the car door? I would kiss you to make you feel better."


...while arguing with Lucy over whose turn it was to pick the audiobook they were going to listen to at bedtime...

Elaine: "I pick 'Bedtime for Frances.'

Lucy: "You always pick that one, besides it's my turn."

Elaine (getting louder): "Then I pick 'Secret of Mossy Roots Mansion.'"

Lucy: "No, we just had that one."

Elaine (getting even louder): "You LOVE 'Mossy Roots Mansion,' Lucy. You think it's wonderful and precious. You said so!"


Melanie said...

Ah - I so love tales of Smoochie! She's like every feisty childhood heroine from my favorite children's books - come to life. I would love to see Elaine and Cole on a playdate together!

Ann-Marie said...

Well, who doesn't love currant wine? I'll just bet stodgy old Gilbert doesn't!

Elaine's Exclamations would make for a great children's book, if you ask me!