Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Day

I survived yesterday! It wasn't too bad. We started out in the morning, making invitations to the party. Then Lucy and Elaine spent the rest of the morning, dragging out all the doll clothes and dressing each of the invitees in party clothing.

After lunch, the girls put on their party dresses of choice and brought all the guests in. I wore sweats and a t-shirt. There was only so far I was going with this.

First we had speeches. Lucy welcomed her guests, especially Bananas Blevins. And she thanked Mr. A. A. Milne for having a birthday. Then Elaine made her speech.

Here's Bananas, the guest of honor. He started out in a wedding dress and veil. But he's a boy, and I guess there were some gender confusion issues, so he reverted back to his usual outfit and donned a pair of glam shades instead.

Then we played pin-the-tail-on-Bananas. Each girl took a turn, then the guests got to take turns. Here is Elaine, helping Tigger. Oddly enough, everyone put the tail on quite precisely, despite the blindfold.

Lucy wanted to make some more speeches, but she tends to go on a bit so we had to squelch her somewhat or we'd still be there.

Then we read a Winnie-the-Pooh story about Valentine's Day, and then we sang some songs. We took requests from the guests. We sang, "Winnie the Pooh," "The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers," "Jesus Loves Me," and an original composition called "Unicorns are Great."

Then we had tea and cake and sang Happy Birthday to Mr. A. A. Milne.

It was all quite successful.

Then today I woke up to negative twenty-four degrees and another no-school day. I am currently doing battle with Lucy who is sitting at the kitchen island, feeling devastated because there was malt-o-meal for breakfast instead of oatmeal. I just channeled my dad and told her that she will sit there the entire day until it's eaten.

It kind of feels like Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The Long Winter." I mean, without the scarlet fever and starvation and such, but still.


Ann-Marie said...

The Long Winter is my FAVORITE LIW book! I love it. I think the party sounds lovely - your girls are going to have the BEST memories!

Good luck with the cabin fever!

Melanie said...

I love The Long Winter, too! This post was so great. I kept thinking of how much you are preserving for Lucy and Elaine - how cool that is - how 'wow'ed they'll be by it all once they have kids of their own.

Juliet said...

What a fun way to spend the day with the girls!!

Mae said...

I'm escaping our freezing weather by going to Dallas on Monday to be with Lenn and his family. We still have three more months of this winter weather and I'm praying that it is warmer there. Even being away a couple of weeks will help.

I loved hearing about the party.