Friday, September 19, 2008

A Recent Quote Collection

The setup: I'm in the bathroom, getting ready. The girls are in their room, supposedly making their beds. Instead, I can hear them bouncing on their beds, singing a song Lucy composed that goes, "We're dancing in the shower; who do you think will win? We're dancing in the shower; who do you think will win?" and laughing maniacally.

Me: Lucy Nan, have you made your bed yet?

Lucy: Wellllllll.....I haven't done the part where you pull up the sheets and blankets yet.

The setup: [This one is from my mother-in-law.] When Lucy was there last week for the pumpkin festival, my mother-in-law took her to the mall. On the way there, she got a call from my father-in-law to let her know he was taking our niece for physical therapy on her knee. Of course, Lucy had many, many questions about that.

I think she eventually wore MiMi down because she finally told her, "Oh hon, it's a long story." Lucy was quiet for a moment and then asked, "Can you just tell me half of it?

The setup: Elaine and I were driving to work. She saw a dog in the car next to us. She loves to see dogs.

Me: Maybe someday when you're a little bigger I'll get you a dog. Would you like that?

Elaine: I want a dog.

Me: Well, if I buy you a dog though, it's going to be for both you and Lucy. To share. Together.

Elaine: I don't wanna share a dog with Lucy. I want one myself. Lucy needs her own precious dog.

Me: Oh no, it'll be a dog to share. It can sleep in between your beds.

Elaine: Mom, will you just go to the store and buy us some dogs now?

The setup: There is a large spiderweb outside one of our windows downstairs (you know, in our continuing effort to incorporate as much wildlife as possible into our family life). We've enjoyed examining the web, through the window of course, but the spider is always motionless. Every time Elaine looks at it, she announces, "It's dead." However, the other night, Lucy was watching carefully, and the spider began to move.

Lucy: Mom! Look! It's walking around the web! It's so awesome!

Me: Yeah, that is really cool. I wonder if that web says, "Some Pig."

She stood staring at the web for quite awhile. Then she said thoughtfully, "I think that spider is a cardiologist."

The setup: Yesterday. Oh, what a day. Neither Darren nor I have been feeling well this whole week. By Thursday afternoon the girls are usually worn out and irritable. This day was no exception, plus they were whining that they were bored. I gave them the usual lecture about all the toys, dolls, and books they have so get up to their room and figure something out. Eventually they put all the dolls on the floor and covered them with blankets and played hospital or something. didn't last. Soon they both ran down to the kitchen.

Lucy: Mom, I do not want to play with Elaine any more. She's rude and she's ruined our playtime. Do you know what she said to me? She said: "I'm sick of you"!

Me (to Elaine): Did you say, "I'm sick of you" to your sister?

Elaine (thinking for a few moments): Noooo. I say, "It stinks outside!"


Ann-Marie said...

I wonder if even the talented Charlotte could spell "cardiologist." Oh, Wilbuuuur!

Love the new quote collection! Send in to Reader's Digest!!!

Juliet said...

Elaine is just one little clever child. She will become a wonderful writer like her Mom.

Melanie said...

Ha! I love the new quotes. Seriously, Lucy and Elaine are too funny - you guys should write some books together!