Monday, September 22, 2008

A possible reason I'm so tired this morning...

...I spent the last three days reading this:

and this:

Combined that's about one thousand pages. And yeah, since I have little kids around me during the day, that means I was pulling some late-nighters.

Now I wish someone else would read one or both of them too so we can discuss. Oh, why oh why do I not belong to a book club? Probably because I have no time. Right.

Anyway, somebody else please read them so we can talk books. I'll even give you more than three days to finish. But not much more.


Ann-Marie said...

Okay - I'm game. But then you have to read one of my bloody murder suspense thriller books where stuff blows up.



Alice said...

Murder? Check. Suspense? Check. Thriller? Check. Bloody and stuff blows up....maybe not so much. :-)

Jill said...

How is the Jerry Jenkins book? I usually really love his stuff.

Alice said...

I'm dying for someone else to read it! It has a lot of great points, but then some other stuff I did not like at all. I do recommend it though...I couldn't put it down. Let me know when you're finished!